6 Perfect Examples of Instagram Bios To Use For Your Business

6 Instagram Business Bio Examples To Use for Your Business



Instagram bios are all about letting users know who you are and telling them to do something (your CTA). Sounds easy, but it can get a little bit tricky when you only have 5 seconds of their attention to do so.

It’s time to get creative. Get your mind flowing. Become the Mozart of your keyboard…something like that.

I’ve gathered examples of my favourite brands bio’s who are destroying it on Instagram. This will give you inspiration on how you can write your bio and see what the best of the best are doing.

Before we jump into the examples, I just want to point out that you should be looking at how these brands are explaining what their business is (for new users discovering their brand) and what they want their users to do (their CTA).

Here goes in no particular order:


1) Vaseline

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vaselinebrand/

Instagram Business Bio Example - Vaseline US

What’s great:

Vaseline tells users the benefit of their brand  straight away, making it easy for people to understand what they do and how they help.


They could have told users what to do in their bio, making them go visit the webpage and giving a reason to do so. For example: “See how you can improve your skin’s health with the The Vaseline Skin Project by visiting (link would be here)”


2) Ted Baker

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ted_baker/

Instagram Business Bio Example - Ted Baker

What’s great:

Ted Baker focus on a valentine’s day campaign and is directing their Instagram traffic to a website using a trackable bit.ly link.


May be confusing for new people discovering their brand, but their feed clearly shows their products and it’s easy to identify them as a apparel brand.


3) Starbucks

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/starbucks/

Instagram Business Bio Example - Starbucks

What’s great:

Starbucks labels their industry by utilizing Instagram’s business update, this allows them to focus on a creative bio instead while still keeping relative to their brand.


You’ve probably guessed it already…a CTA would be good here, especially as it’s coming up to Valentine’s Day and they have a specific holiday drink they could promote for it.


4) Vince

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vince/

Instagram Business Bio Example - Vince

What’s great:

Boom there it is. A clear description of what Vince provides and telling users what to do. Simple and clean, just like the tone of their clothing style.

If you run a clothing brand, it’s great to leverage your content by asking users to upload their photos and tag you in them as you can repost them.


Honestly not much to say here. This one just works.


5) Razer

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/razer/

Instagram Business Bio Example - Razer Gaming

What’s great:

Razer let’s people know what their brand is about (gaming) and provides a link to their website. It’s pretty boring and most brands do this. What makes them different?


Firstly, Razer needs to change their name to just standard character letters to improve their search ranking on Instagram. It’s not 100% necessary because they’re well established, but if you’re a new brand starting on Instagram don’t do this.

Razer could also add a benefit to using their products, such as “Win more with our new Razer gaming equipment. Get yours at (link to product)”

Finally, they need to define their industry (remember starbucks example).


6) DollarShaveClub

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dollarshaveclub/

Instagram Business Bio Example - DollarShaveClub

What’s great:

This is so so good. Now this company is good at marketing, so there’s no doubt they hit it on the head for their Instagram account. I recommend you take a look.

Their bio makes it easy to understand what their business is about, the benefit of using their product/service and they give a CTA with a tracked link.

All 3 bio requirements nailed! This is a great example to learn from and apply to your own business bio.


Fix the damn spacing between “bucks without” 🙂

I’m not sure if ‘website’ is the best industry category to use but it may have been the best option for them out of the list. I’m just nit picking here.


Final notes

It’s now time for you to go out there and create your Instagram bio.

Before you run off, I recommend you grab my template and checklist for creating the perfect Instagram business bio.

Get the template and checklist.


– Aaron