Bucket Brigades – A Secret Copywriters Tool & A List of Them To Use

Bucket Brigades Tutorial

Bucket Brigades are a great way to…

Increase page view time (helping your blog posts rank in Google search results).


Keep people easily reading through your content—building trust and your relationship with the reader.

So let’s get into it.


What are bucket brigades?

I’ve actually used them in this blog post already.

And guess what:

I just used one right then. Literally, the sentence above this one is a bucket brigade. Nothing fancy, nothing special. But a powerful little copywriting tool you should add to your box.

Here’s me using one in another blog post:

Bucket Brigades Example

Bucket brigades are small one-liners, that are essentially like a cliff-hanger. I even made mine bold in that blog post to make it pop and pick up the attention of any bored, or skim readers.

The idea of using them is that it makes the user want to keep reading.

And it gets better:

Because I made a huge list of them which you can take and use in your own blog posts.


Here’s a list of kick-ass bucket brigades

Get copy and pastin’.


Want to know the best part?

But here’s the kicker:

It gets better/worse:

This is crazy:

You might be wondering:

You could be saying:

If you think about this:

You should always:

What’s the bottom line?


Here’s the deal:


When you do this:

Guess what:

If you do this:

Wait, you must:

Now get this:

Here’s where it gets good:

Learn from this:

Let’s break it down:

How about this:

Great things will happen if:

Don’t miss out:

This only works if:

When this happens:


Of course, you can always make up your own.

The goal is to keep users reading through your blog post, and therefore building your relationship and trust as you help them out with a problem to talk about a case study.


Where should you put bucket brigades?

When you feel like your reader may start getting bored…

Throw in a sprinkle of bucket brigades.

Use them to increase the pace of your content, after all, writing is all about telling a story.

Increase the speed, slow it down, then increase it again.




Enjoy your new copywriter tool!


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