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5 tools you need to create and launch an online course

5 tools you need to create and launch an online course

Creating an online course requires a set of tools, luckily most of them come free or at a super low cost.


Let's check out what tools you need to successfully create an online course and launch it.


5 Tools You Need To Create and Launch an Online Course - Aaronwardmedia


1. Recording equipment


A key factor of success comes from the quality of your content.

You want the students experience to be enjoyable, therefore you should aim to have good audio and video quality.

You can pick up a good microphone (a very popular one) for $50.

Check it out here:


Next up you will need a webcam.

This will be used to record yourself talking -- these lessons are key as they increase student engagement when you show yourself 👍🏽

Check out the best webcam here:



2. A great screen recorder


There's ton's of screen recorders out there.

My personal favorite is OBS.

It's original purpose is for streaming content live, but they have a great built in recording option.

It's a little more complicated to set up but its 100% free, sooooo it's just damn-right perfect.


You can get OBS here:


Watch this tutorial on how to set it up:


View OBS setup guide here:



3. Course hosting platform


Let's jump ahead in time.

You've finished your course and now it needs a home.

This home is going to be a hosting platform where you can upload your course and start selling it.

There's a ton of course hosting platforms available.

Some are free and some are a monthly fee. Naturally with the paid services you get better features.

Here are the two most popular and best (in my opinion) platforms to look into using:


Udemy -

This is a completely free platform which acts as a course market place. You're competing with other instructors, get a % of your sales cut by Udemy and don't collect student data.


Teachable -

This is a paid platform which is your own website. You can even have a blog on it. You get 100% of the revenue, complete control over pricing and collect student data such as emails.


I started off on Udemy and recently have moved to teachable. That way I build my brand and not Udemy's. Because on Udemy you are giving them your product and they sell it, you don't collect emails and you loose revenue.

However, Udemy is a great place to start if your new and want to test your course idea out -- you can always switch to teachable after.



4. Your own Wordpress blog


Your course is live and selling organically. Great!

Next up you need a blog where you can start posting free content related to your course. This will bring in viewers which you can then point towards your course.

Your blog can be set up easily using WordPress and getting a theme which suits your needs.

There's millions of videos and guides out there on starting your own blog, it's super easy and nothing to overwhelm yourself over :)

Check out WordPress here:

You can get beautiful WordPress themes here:




5. Email marketing tools


Last up is your email marketing tools.

You will want to capture emails through your free blog content your write and then send out emails to those users interested in your content.

First up I recommend ConvertKit. They let you save email addresses, send out timed emails and create email capture forms/pop ups etc...

Check out ConvertKit:


Now you can also go overkill and look into an email-optin service which is Leadpages. They're super cool and provide great email capture forms which increase your optin-rate. I use this on my homepage.

Check out Leadpages:



aaaaaannnddd that's it!

There's not too much behind creating an online course which is why it's a great business to start.

Realistically if you want everything, your looking at a monthly business cost of $100.

Pretty damn cheap to run if you ask me.


So what are you waiting for, go start creating your first course!


3 Reasons to create an online course

3 reasons to create an online course

Creating an online course is a great way to turn your knowledge into income. And who doesn't like extra income? These 3 reasons to create an online course with little or no experience will hopefully change your mind as to why you should create one.

Let's take a look at why creating an online course is a great idea, how it costs minimal investment and is easy to market without a previous audience.


3 Reasons to create an online course


Let's get started with reason #1...


1. You don't need to host it

With huge marketplaces such as Udemy (very popular) you can host your course for free and they will even market it for you and post Facebook adverts.

If you're starting off it's a great option to test if people are actually interested in your course + you build up a nice student following.

Word of warning is that you won't be collecting emails or really building up YOUR brand doing this. You're essentially building Udemy's brand as they 'own your course and take a percentage of your sales', which is completely fair as you get everything else free.

If you're more financially capable I recommend you take a look at Teachable (it's around $35 a month). They still host your course for you, instead you just pay a monthly fee but you get to collect student emails and keep 100% of revenue you make. #bestoption


2. The tools are super cheap

The only thing you need is a good microphone and optionally a webcam for talking head shots.

You can pick up a good microphone for around $50 or alternatively get a really good one for $125.

Here's two (non affiliate links) to great starter microphones:


Blue Snowball (get the recommended pop filter too)

Blue Yeti (get the recommended pop filter too)


For webcams there's only one way to go and that's the Logitech Pro HD 1080p, it's around $65 which is great for it's quality.


Logitech HD Webcam


3. Marketing is simple

So you make an online course now what?

You market it.

But "Ahhh! Where do I begin and how do I market a course?!".

It's super simple, all you need to do is take a specific section of your course, split it up and start making free content from it. This could be in the form of YouTube videos, LinkedIn posts, Blog posts etc...

You need to start teaching people for free. And this free content should be your best.

You want to "wow!" your audience because otherwise why would they purchase your course. At the end of the day, you don't make an online course to make money, you create it to truly help your students. You should want them to succeed and actually have a transformation from the beginning to end of your course.

It's always a good idea to give away your best stuff because people really appreciate it. Some of your customers purchase your course, not because they need it, but because you've helped them so much they want to return the favor -- they got their monies worth with your free stuff.



To sum it all up


Hopefully these 3 reasons have helped you see the bright side of creating a course.

In the beginning there's a lot of questions to answer and that's why I'm here, to help you understand the content creation process and marketing of your course.

If you have been thinking of creating a course, just go for it!

Nothing can go wrong, even if one person purchases your course that's incredible because you've helped a person.

Over time you get better at teaching, you learn what students crave and how to accommodate it. You start producing lots of free content, building an awesome audience and helping people change their lives.

Doesn't sound bad right?


Before you go

What I want you to do is leave a message below, letting me know what your niche is and a course you're thinking of creating. I'll reply with some tips and help on how you can boost the success of creating it.