The Easiest Way To Start A Blog in 7 Steps—Which Makes You Money

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If you’re looking at building a blog:

Then this guide is for you.

It’s going to take you through, step-by-step on the easiest way to start a blog from scratch…


Which will be set up for you to make money from.

And guess what? It requires no crazy technical knowledge.

You in?

Great. Let’s get started.


1 – Purchase a domain & hosting

First thing:

You need a domain, this will be the web address that people can type into their browser to find your blog.

For example, mine is

Preferably, you want to get a domain with your full name, this way it’s easy to build up your blog’s brand around your personal name and image.

Or instead:

You can register a domain name like

Secondly, you need website hosting.

Web hosting is run by a business which provides the technologies and services needed for your blog (website) to be viewed in on the internet.


You can get a domain name and blog hosting at the same time. Visit: – Domain Registration & WordPress Hosting


Just to mention, we will be creating a blog on the WordPress platform. WordPress lets you easily manage your website, create blog posts, style the look and keep it secure–without any coding experience!

Pick the StartUp hosting option as shown here:

Easiest Way To Start A Blog - Siteground Hosting Options


Type out your domain name you want to claim and register.

Easiest Way To Start A Blog - Siteground Chosing a Domain

Click on the Proceed button, and then fill out your personal information, email, address, and payment option.

Finally, before you finish the payment, I recommend you turn off SG Site Scanner (there are free WordPress plugins that do the same – WordFence). But if you have the extra cash, go ahead and keep it on.

Click on the PAY NOW button.

Easiest Way To Start A Blog - Siteground payment options

Next, you should be automatically logged in to your Siteground account.

If not, log in.

A wizard should appear. No, not the one with a long white beard.

This one:

Easiest Way To Start A Blog - Siteground Install WordPress

Select the option: ‘Start a new website at’.

This will take you through the setup process of installing WordPress on your domain.

Easy right?

Just make sure to select the WordPress option in the ‘Do you know which software you are going to use?’ window:

Easiest Way To Start A Blog - Siteground WordPress Selection

And congrats!

You just started your blog, which is now live on the interwebs.


2- Pick a profitable niche

Before you get ahead of yourself:

It’s time to pick a profitable niche to write blog posts about.

Here’s the secret to picking a profitable niche to blog about:

  1. Be interested in the niche
  2. You have to be fairly knowledgeable in the niche
  3. The Goal is to HELP people

So what does this mean?

Let’s break them down:


Be interested in the niche

What are you passionate about? There are probably a few things that pop to mind. Heck, even if you just find them fun that works. You don’t have to be crazy for the niche, but at least have interest and care for it.


Be fairly knowledgeable

You need to know what you’re going to talk about. Otherwise, you won’t be able to talk about anything at all. You don’t need a PhD in the niche, but at least be familiar with it. I always say if you’re past the beginner stage, you’re golden.


The goal is to HELP people

The secret sauce to creating a successful blog is by writing blog posts which help people. This comes in forms of tutorials, guides, case studies, lists, recipes, and tips.


Now that is out the way…

What are some profitable niches?

Here’s a list of them:

  • Making money online – blogging, social media, affiliate marketing
  • Health and fitness (food, workouts, mindset)
  • Beauty and fashion (makeup, clothing, hair)
  • Lifestyle (gardening, survival, home decor, travel
  • Personal development (meditation, motivation, organization, dating)



You can blog about anything as long as an audience (not just you and you’re goldfish) exists and is also interested in the niche.

Just keep in mind, if you can help others in the niche, then you will be able to monetize your blog.

The end goal is to create online courses, which you will sell to your audience. Therefore, keep that in mind when picking your niche.

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3 – Get a theme


You have picked a niche, and created a live WordPress site with your own domain.

You are halfway there:

Because it’s time to get a theme for your WordPress website.

A theme defines the style of your website.

Just like my site here:

Easiest Way To Start A Blog - themeYou may have heard of the term ‘website skin’. It’s the same thing.


To get a premium, high quality, and modern theme:

Visit ThemeForest – WordPress Themes


You want to buy a theme because:

  1. It makes you appear professional (people will stick around and read your blog posts)
  2. They are designed by legit web developers/coders
  3. And to be honest, why wouldn’t you – they look awesome


Take a look around, most of the best themes are around $50-$60 USD.

Make sure to sort the themes by best sellers so you only get the best.

I use Uncode as my blog’s theme. I added an arrow pointing to it.

Easiest Way To Start A Blog - ThemeForest WordPress Themes


Spend some time checking out the live previews and information on the theme.

If it feels right, and you see the theme working with the style of your blog…

Purchase it 🙂

Easiest Way To Start A Blog - ThemeForest WordPress Theme Purchase

After you create an account and buy the theme you want to Install it on your WordPress blog.

Here’s how you can easily do it:

Go to your Account > Downloads on Themeforest.

Easiest Way To Start A Blog - ThemeForest Account Downloads


Click on the Download button for your theme, and select the option ‘Installable WordPress file only’:

Easiest Way To Start A Blog - ThemeForest Download Theme

Save the file somewhere you’ll remember—the desktop is a good place.

It’s time to access your WordPress website for the first time!


To login to your website you need to visit your domain with /wp-admin at the end. It will look like this:

Next, enter your username and password into the login box.

Easiest Way To Start A Blog - WordPress Login Screen


If you don’t know what your login information is, contact Siteground’s amazing support team via Live chat and let them know you need your WordPress Login information.

Click on the left sidebar Appearance > Themes

Easiest Way To Start A Blog - WordPress Themes Window


Click on the Add New Button.

Easiest Way To Start A Blog - WordPress Themes Add New


Finally, click the Upload New button > Select the file you downloaded from ThemeForest.

It will install and give you the option to activate the theme > Press Yes/Activate.

Easiest Way To Start A Blog - WordPress Themes Upload New


Or alternatively, watch my video tutorial on installing a theme:



Nice one blogger friend, you just installed a theme on your blog!

I recommend you read and watch tutorials which comes with virtually every theme, to get comfortable with styling your website.

Which leads you on to…


4 – Source visuals

I know your fingers are itching to start typing out blog posts.


It’s important to start sourcing your visuals and branding yourself.

Otherwise, you’ll just look sloppy and people will treat you like a joke.

No Bueno.


So instead, figure out these three things:

  1. Your logo
  2. 3-5 Colors you will use
  3. Stock images/illustrations/photos for blog posts


Here are some resources to get this done:

  1. Canva – For creating a simple logo
  2. Canva Colors – To create a color palette to use
  3. Unsplash – For free stock images you can use in blog posts

Check out this quick logo I created in Canva:

Specs – Add Heading, Change font to Open Sans regular and make last name bold, change colors, then download.

Easiest Way To Start A Blog - Canva Logo

If you get these out the way:

Your blog will look fresh, clean, modern and seriously epic.

In fact, blogs which use images get 53% more visitors.

And blogs which have modern branding grow 20x quicker then blogs which don’t.

So get busy!


5- Write out a backlog of posts

You’re getting close to starting your blog.

The final piece of the puzzle is…

Can you guess it:

Writing out a backlog of posts.

This is a missed step for most beginner bloggers. You need to go and write 5-10 blog posts and then publish them to your blog.

Don’t just start with one and tell people about it.

They won’t stick around. And probably won’t come back either.

Instead, head on over to Google Docs, and write out a few blog posts (1000-2000 words). That FOCUS on HELPING your readers in your niche.

Think once again about writing:

  1. Tutorials
  2. Guides
  3. Case Studies
  4. Tips
  5. Tactics/Strategies
  6. Recipes


Then upload them to your blog.

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6 – Use SEO/Pinterest to get visitors

Now that you have uploaded your blog posts.

It’s time to get eyes on the prize:

To do this for free, you will be using SEO tactics and Pinterest. Both drive organic and free targeted traffic.


Blog SEO

It stands for Search Engine Optimization. It essentially is tactics you use to help rank your blog posts in Googles search results for a specific keyword.

A keyword is a search term user types into google and searches for.

For example, a keyword would be: Instagram marketing tips


Easiest Way To Start A Blog - Google Instagram Marketing Tips Search

Other keywords are auto-filled too which you can use.

You want to download Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin to help you SEO proof your blog posts.

It’s going to guide you step-by-step through ensuring your blog posts have the best SEO practices on them.

You can download Yoast SEO Plugin here


Here’s what it looks like and how it tells you EXACTLY what to do:

Easiest Way To Start A Blog - Yoast SEO



You also want to be creating tall pins for each blog post you make, and uploading them to a Pinterest board dedicated to your blog only.

This is what a tall pin looks like:

Easiest Way To Start A Blog - Pinterest Tall Pin

Some key tips when uploading a pin:

  1. Include niche keywords in the pin description. For example Blog Tips | Blogging Tips | Blog Tutorial | Blog Plugins | Blogging Plugins
  2. Make sure to link to the actual blog post, so people can visit it
  3. Enable Rich Pins. More information found here
  4. Got any free downloadable resources? Include them in your Pin graphic/image
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7- Publish & make money

If you follow each of these steps:

You are in a great place to now publish your site.

A.k.a let people know your site is live.

So the money part Aaron, where is it?!

Well get this right:

Making money on your blog will take a bit of time, you just started and need to focus on giving out free content: blog posts and free downloads.

Building up trust is very important.

Show people you know what you’re talking about. Help them.

And focus on building an email list, to collect emails from people who like you, and are interested in the content you produce.

This way, you can then create an online course, and sell it to them to help your audience even more

It gets better:

Because you’ve picked a niche you can help people in, and your blog posts are guides, tutorials, tips, tactics, strategies, case studies and other value giving posts…

You have built authority in your niche.

And people want to learn more.

Therefore selling an online course is the best option. Because you make it once and sell it over and over again for years.

It gets even better and better:

A course can sell for $197! That means you need to sell the course to 30 people per month to make $5910.


If you want to learn more about this:

Click below to join the free training series where I go into detail about the process of starting a blog and making money from it:

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