Automate DMs on Instagram with FollowLiker

Automate DMs on Instagram to convert your new followers


When you automate DMs on Instagram you get the perfect opportunity to convert a new follower.

This is because they have already showed interest in you.

For this tutorial, I’m going to be using FollowLiker (Instagram automation software).


Now why on earth should I be sending direct messages automatically Aaron?

I’ll tell you why…


Instagram is one of the highest converting social media platforms alive.

So it’s the perfect opportunity to introduce your brand to and provide a Call to Action.


Think about email marketing, you get someones email and send them an introduction to what your business is about and maybe a discount to a product, free shipping or e-book.

You’ve maybe even got an email like this from me if you have signed up to anything of mine (my free course does this).


Why do you do this though?

Because it works.

You need to treat your new Instagram followers like a new email subscriber – don’t sit around passively waiting for them to do something…



Instead tell them what you want them to do using a direct message. Some examples include:

1. Purchase a top selling product

2. Read your recent book review

3. Watch a youtube video

4. Use a promotional code on your website

5. Download your free e-book


So what should this message look like?
Well it all depends on your business or Instagram account niche, but I would focus on keeping it short and including:

1.  A welcome/hello

2. Top 3 reasons your brand/account is awesome

3. A call to action


Example of a good direct message

Hey there rockstar!

Thanks for hitting that follow button. We’re super excited to have you join us and we know you’re going to love us because:

 – We are the only company to sell snail roller skates

 – Our products are environmentally friendly

– You get awesome deals off our Instagram page

Now that you know a little about us, head on over to our website and check out or snail roller skates 9000. The link is in our bio or simply visit

You can get 75% off your first purchase discount code: roller9000

Have a roller day,

The SnailRollerSkates crew


It’s short and sweet + to the point. I actually just wrote this in around 2 minutes, so you can easily do the same.

Now go craft your own direct message and watch the video below to see how you can start sending them to every new follower you get on Instagram!


Video – Using FollowLiker to automate DMs on Instagram

Now you have crafted your direct message, you can use FollowLiker to start automatically send them out to new followers.

This video shows you exactly how to set up FollowLiker to send out your DMs


Awesome stuff right?


– Aaron