FollowLiker review – Instagram edition 2017

FollowLiker Review – Instagram Edition


Whenever I talk about Instagram automation I frequently mention FollowLiker.


Because it rocks.


This application allows you to swiftly automate any Instagram task imaginable, giving you control and speed over your Instagram growth.

I have decided to do a FollowLiker review to answer frequent questions I’m asked when you are debating to purchase this application.

Just to mention before you read this review….


…I have not been paid or asked by FollowLiker to create this review.

It’s a 100% honest look at the application and my thoughts on it.

I do however include an affiliate link to this product which gives me a small fee if you purchase a license and it won’t effect the cost at all for you.


So let’s get in to the good stuff, the actual review.


I’m going to be talking about 6 main areas I believe will answer any pre-purchase questions you have. These include:

1. Introduction

2. Features of FollowLiker

3. Pricing and licenses

4. Application complexity/support

5. Results from automation

6. Conclusion


If you have any further questions after,  leave a comment at the end of the post and i’ll respond as quickly as I can.


Alright, lets jump in to it.


1. Introduction to FollowLiker and it’s features

FollowLiker is an application which allows you to automate your Instagram account as if you were using it manually.

Simple as that. It’s using Instagram…but you don’t have to use your hands!
It has lots of great features which include all Instagram tasks (liking, following, uploading etc…) and provides lots of flexibility with what you want to do with those tasks through settings.

In addition, to get the application you will need to purchase a license. It’s only a $55 one-time payment for lifetime access. But I’ll talk more about pricing in part 2.

So if you end up grabbing a copy of FollowLiker, which you can do by clicking here… you will need a computer to be powered on and running for the application to run your Instagram account.

In this FollowLiker review there are 3 videos which will cover the features, pricing, application complexity, results and conclusion. In the final video (part 4) I have included an extra bonus to access my free Instagram automation for beginners course using FollowLiker.



Click here to view + purchase followliker


2) Pricing and application complexity

FollowLiker is ONLY $55 for the one account license including lifetime access. FollowLiker is a steal when you think about it on a larger scale. People get paid everyday to manage social media accounts (thats around $160/day at $20/hour). And thats a very low rate.

See what I’m saying?

You can manage a social media account, Instagram in this case, effortlessly and for free… after purchasing a license of course…

Now there’s three different license options you can purchase with FollowLiker: 1 account, 5 accounts and unlimited accounts. These just mean how many Instagram accounts you can run on the program at once.

I recommend you start with the 1 account license and upgrade later if necessary. This let’s you get comfortable using the software and see if its right for you. Then you always have the option to only pay the difference when you upgrade your license later.

Now is the application hard to use? Yes and no – hear me out here.

FollowLiker is very simple once you get familiar using it. Just like anything. However, the hard part is making sure you understand the importance of settings and keeping in mind that the way you target your audience is the key to success.

However without going in to much detail about settings and targeting…because that is a whole other topic… you can find out lots of information about this on my blog and courses which will help you out.

Anyway, let’s check out the video review where you can learn more about pricing and the application complexity.



3) Results and conclusion

Overall FollowLiker is an amazing tool for Instagram automation.

That’s honestly all I have to say.

Just kidding.

But seriously, this application is great. You can do something as simple as automating your Instagram account to creating a business automating 100’s of clients Instagram accounts and making $$$.

In addition, the support from FollowLiker is great, the updates are frequent, I have never come across a bug and it gains me over 100+ followers a day… so it’s hard to complain or say anything negative.

The main reason though why I truly do love this application is that it offers so much flexibility, there are no presets.

You literally have to think about how you are targeting your demographic, who will want to follow you, like your images and engage with your page or business.



If you found this FollowLiker review helpful and want to grab a copy of FollowLiker, you can purchase it by clicking the button below.


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4) Free Instagram Automation Course

So there it is, a full FollowLiker review done. Nice one for reading till the end you’re golden.

As my free gift to you for making it this far…

I have included free access to my Instagram automation for beginners guide which is a 45 minute course using FollowLiker.

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