How to convert Instagram followers to customers

Hello, beautiful people of the Instagram business world.

Trouble converting your Instagram followers into customers or email list subscribers?

I had the same issue, it can seem a bit tricky when you don’t have a clear strategy in front of yo face.

Not to worry though, because I’m going to show you exactly, in 3 easy steps, how to convert your Instagram followers into customers…the SMART way!



Before we jump into the gooey fountain of success, I want to clear up one BIG important thing with you.

Instagram followers are worth…$0, nothing, nada, not-a-thing.


Because if Instagram shuts down all of those followers are gone: slowly slipping into the nether of doom. Or something like that.

So your main take away from this guide is to turn your Instagram followers into your own stored information, where you can contact them giving information or providing an offer for your product or service.

And this is how you do that…


Step 1 – Get a freakin’ email list already!

If you don’t have an email list,  just get one.

Hundreds of online business owners always advise you (at least the legit and successful ones) to get a freakin’ email list from day one and to start growing it.


Now be a minion and copy the successful online business owners, get an email list…

Image result for minions gif


You want an email list so you can convert your Followers into email opt-ins.

There’s 2 reasons you want to do this:

  1. Converting a follower into an email address allows you to market to them at any time and secure them in case Instagram shuts down or your account gets banned
  2. If a follower does opt-in to your email list it means they’re actually interested in what you offer (as most likely 60% of your followers on Instagram don’t really care about your product or service)


Now there are lots of email marketing tools out there. I did the hours of researching when I first started and I went for two services to grow my list and haven’t looked back:


ConvertKit – Email marketing and automation

Image result for convertkit

ConvertKit is just bloody brilliant.

It’s an email marketing and automation service that helps you grow your business. It is clean, simple and just gets everything right. I have used Convertkit for 1+ years now and have no complaints.

This is the service I recommend and many others like the respected Pat Flynn from recommend.

This will let you collect emails and automatically send out emails to new subscribers so you can tell them about your product/service.

Click here to sign up for ConvertKit


LeadPages – Email Opt-in forms and boxes

Related image

Lead pages is a luxury option for you fancy shmancies out there who want great email opt-in boxes.


I’m a huge fan of using Leadpages for collecting emails (email opt-in forms) and using ConvertKit for storing and sending out emails to customers and leads.

In this guide, I won’t be covering how to setup the services as both of them have amazing tutorials built into the interface of their service and I know your smart enough to figure it out 😉

IF you just want to grow an email list, get ConvertKit. Leadpages is just a luxury opt-in form.

Click here to sign up for LeadPages


Step 2 – Make an irresistible email opt-in freebie

What you need is a damn good reason for someone to give you their email.

Hey, you already may have one which is great!

If you don’t, then…

It’s time to put your thinking cap on and say “what can I give away for free that people reeeeallly want in my niche?”.


Now don’t go too crazy with the ideas, it can be something super simple that you can use as an opt-in insensitive.

Here are some great examples you can use:

  • Give access to a free mini-course
  • Email them a list of the ‘Top 10 SOMETHING HERE TO GIVE BENEFIT’
  • Let them download or email them a free 5-10 page eBook
  • Send them a free guide on a popular problem in your niche
  • Offer them a free trial for your service for 10-30 days
  • Something from your main product or service (like 10% of it such as a section of your main e-course)
  • A cheat-sheet of step by step actions to achieve a goal


Take a look at this one here to see a live freebie in action (that’s the whole web page, super simple and LeadPage’s lets you create these without HTML/CSS knowledge)

Image result for leadpage examples

Image result for leadpage examples

The Gorgeous Long Form Lead Gen Page

The Long Form Landing Page That Builds Your Brand



Now you want to make a new landing page specifically designed for this offer you are giving away for free.

This limits confusion when a visitor comes to your site — no searching for the form or sign up link hidden at the bottom or side of your page.

Ultimately your page needs 3 things: add your email opt-in form, set up the page to and give a reason why and then you’re all done just like the examples above!

  1. A compelling heading with the main benefit of your freebie
  2. Short paragraph explaining the freebie a little more
  3. A picture or illustration of your freebie so people can see what they’re getting
  4. One Opt-in form using either Convertkit or Leadpages


Check out the examples above if you need some inspiration 🙂

PS – Here’s more example opt-ins from Leadpages:





Step 3 – Tell your Instagram followers about your freebie

80% there!

Finally you simply need to let your followers on Instagram (and visitors to your profile) know about your irresistible freebie they can get.


Let them know in your bio that they can get your freebie + make sure to update your link to the landing page with your opt-in box/form is. Example at the end of your Instagram profile bio: Get your free Instagram marketing mini course:


Then you can also post about your freebie too and mention it in your captions.

Don’t go too crazy though. Mention it casually at the end of captions.

This example from Melyssa Griffin just had to be shared:

melyssa_griffin Instagram Post Example

And if you are going to post about it do it 1 time in every 10 posts to not spam users about it.

Your goal is to direct users to the link in your bio essentially, as that takes them to the email opt-in, you collect the email, give them something for free and then have the opportunity to sell them your main project/service.


Finally, you can use this free opt-in you’ve created anywhere, it doesn’t have to be only for Instagram followers. It can be for website visitors, add it on Pinterest, let your Twitter and Facebook fan base know too 🙂


Let me know what your free opt-in will be to convert your Instagram followers into email subscribers!