FollowLiker Instagram Proxies Tutorial

Instagram Proxy Tutorial for FollowLiker


What is a proxy and why the hell do you need one for FollowLiker?



Well my friend, you need a proxy if you plan on automating more than 5 Instagram accounts while of course you’re gaining your massive following.

This is because Instagram has this rule about running a lot of Instagram accounts on the same IP address.

Mainly because they want to reduce spam and all those other naughty things users do on the platform.


To get around this you can use an Instagram proxy… it is basically another IP address in a different location. Ultimately it ‘masks’ your location with a different one so it doesn’t appear that you are running 100 accounts in the same location when in-fact you are.

So with that being said, where do you get one of these proxies for Instagram? I personally use a website called SSLprivateproxy. They have Instagram proxy section tailored for Instagram automation. Which is perfect and what we need.

BEWARE!  Using free proxies will most likely be banned on Instagram and get your account flagged. Therefore, don’t use free proxies as its a waste of time and will get your account banned.


So head on over to SSLprivateproxy and get some legit, personal, never used before Instagram proxies by clicking here.


Click here to buy a Private Instagram proxy

Instagram proxy setup in FollowLiker

So now you have purchased your proxies, lets look at adding them to your Instagram accounts in FollowLiker.

To do this you will need to change a few settings:

1. Account Per Proxy needs to be set to 3 (I recommend using 3 accounts per proxy) or maximum of 5 (no higher!)

2. Account Threads needs to be set to how many Instagram accounts you want to run at once.


Then after you have done that you need to assign one proxy to 3 (or 5) accounts depending on what you set your Account Per Proxy setting to.

If you have any questions, shoot me a message in the comments below.


–  Aaron