Instagram Shadowban Fix + Everything You Need To Know

Today we’re going to get down and dirty on the unstable subject of an Instagram shadowban fix.

Why unstable? Well, Instagram hasn’t stated that they actually implemented a shadowban on the platform, but most users think otherwise.

Personally, I think its just from me and you breaking some rules and being put on the ‘naughty list’.

Not to worry though, let’s start fixing this problem.


What is an Instagram Shadowban?

An Instagram shadowban hides your Instagram posts from users who don’t follow you, and also hides your posts which have hashtags attached to them in the hashtags explore page.

This makes it very hard for you to reach new new users who don’t follow your account and destroys your efforts in growing your followers.


What causes an Instagram shadowban?

It hasn’t been officially stated by Instagram, but these are the trending topics that can cause your account to receive the shadowban-hammer 🙁


  • Botting/Automation

Liking/Following/Commenting/DMing too many users per hour can cause your account to be flagged. Stick to the limits of 900 follows, unfollows and likes per day & only 50 comments/DM’s per day.


  • Uploading posts with the same hashtags

Instagram may think your spamming if your uploading more then 3 posts per day, with the same hashtags on each post.


  • Selling affiliate/CPC offers OR coming off spammy

If you use Instagram to sell affiliate/CPC offers just be thankful your account isn’t fully blocked. Instagram doesn’t like people using their service to ‘cheat’ users. Also if you’re constantly spamming users, this can cause you to be shadowbanned.



Here’s Instagram’s response to the issue. It ‘kind-of’ provides us some insight as to why it could be happening, but at the end of the day they’re ultimately saying that they want you to use the platform in a positive way.

The shadowban is their to reduce toxic behaviour.


Instagram Shadowban Fix - Instagrams response



How to know if your Instagram Profile is Shadow Banned

Knowing if your shadow banned isn’t the easiest thing to confirm.

The best way is to upload a picture with hashtags, and use a friends phone to see if your picture shows up in those hashtags for you.

Alternatively, there’s a great tool which checks if you’re shadowbanned:


Instagram Shadowban Fix - Test



How to fix your Instagram shadowban

Let’s now discuss the steps towards an Instagram shadowban fix.

With Instagram’s response to the situation, the best way to remove a shadowban is to follow their rules, offer great content for users and not come off as spammy.



1. Stop using the same or flagged hashtags

If you use a single banned hashtag in your post, Instagram will prevent your post from appearing on any of the hashtags you used.

Keep up-to-date with the hashtags you’re using, while that sounds easier then it is, there is a full list of banned hashtags here:



2. Put your hashtags in the caption (not in the comments)

This is a trick that works for a lot of people.

“People reported that when they put their hashtags in the comments, their post was shadowbanned after 1 – 2 hours.”

Here’s a quick tip to make your caption clean whilst still using hashtags: use 5 (or more) full stops, bullet points or any other means to separate your caption from your hashtags. For example:

Our new family member! The extra strawbelishious smoothie 👍🏼
#sunday #freshjuice #smoothies #toronto



3.  Relax for 3 days

Take some time off Instagram. Go outside and sing with the birds. Stop uploading. Just don’t open the app for a few days and everything can reset back to normal.

It’s like saying “Hey Instagram, I understand you may be concerned with my account, but I am human and respect your rules”.



4. Stop automation for 3 days

If you’re running FollowLiker or something similar to automate your account. Stop running it for minimum of 3 days.

You’re most likely causing Instagram to flag you due to liking, following, unfollowing, commenting or DM’ing too many users in a short period of time.

If you keep automating, it just lets them know you are a bot.



5. Remove old linked third party applications

If you have old third party services connected to your account you want to go and remove them.

They may still be trying to access your account and Instagram doesn’t like every third party service due to their business update.



6. Slow down your uploading

Been uploading more then 3 times per day? Slow things down and mix up hashtags for each image to be relevant to the content you’re uploading.

By uploading a lot your going to be triggering spam filters.



7. Switch from business to personal

If you took the leap to using a Instagram business account, some are saying that if you switch back to a personal account it can fix the issue.



8. Resume automation, but slow it down

Finally, you can turn your automation back on but increase your delay times by adding an extra 10 seconds to them.

Instagram accounts aged under 3 months have reduced limits. With time these will increase and you’ll be running into less issues 🙂




Slow things down. Move your hashtags from your first comment into your caption. Only use 30 hashtags. Stop automating for a week.

Don’t panic, everything will work itself out – Instagram is always making changes to the app, and naturally good and bad things will come from it.


Thanks to the following sources for sharing information on the topic:


Let us know in the comments if you’ve been shadowbanned and found a fix for it!