Later’s Free Instagram Analytics Tool

Later’s Free Instagram Analytics Tool

Later just announced and released their newest feature: a free Instagram analytics tool.

If you’re not too sure what ‘Later’ is, they are a company who developed an Instagram scheduling service which is beautifully designed.

They have now introduced a free Instagram analytics tool for all their users and a paid Instagram analytics tool which is included for their pro members.

You can read more about later’s free analytics tool here:

Later Free Instagram Analytics
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Why Instagram analytics are important

Understanding how your Instagram following grows is critical for your Instagram accounts performance.

If you want to generate sales or gain more followers, you will need to know when your followers are commenting and liking your images/videos.

When you know this information, it makes it easier for you to gain more followers, likes and comments.

Later offers a few powerful tools which will show you this information. Their main dashboard will display your Instagram likes, comments and engagement.

This information then lets you know the best time for you to upload and the type of content your audience loves. So start uploading more cat pictures and less quote images! Or whatever your audience likes 🙂

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How you can get Later’s free Instagram analytics tool

Later allows anyone to sign up for free.

You can sign up for free here:

The free account will let you upload 30 pictures for only 1 account each month. They then offer paid plans to upgrade your limitations.

What’s great is that you also get access to their free Instagram scheduling tool. Which makes both of their tools work perfectly together.


Later’s Instagram analytics tool features

Here’s a bit of information on the tools offered by the service and how you can optimize them.


Likes and comments

Instagram Analytics tool -
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You can easily view your photos and videos engagement, figuring out the types of images users like and when they are most active. This allows you to then define what content you should upload and the best time to upload it.

If you nail these two down. Then you will start seeing more engagement at a faster rate, which means you’ll reach the explore page and top posts for the hashtags your using. This will result in more followers and users discovering your Instagram account.


Link Tracking

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Oh god yes.

This is amazing for your business. This tool let’s you track your bio link clicks and click through rate.

This feature uses Later’s feature (see it here: This feature allows you to display a shop feed of your Instagram using a custom URL.

This makes it easy to see when users are clicking on your link. Let’s say you upload a promotional image you will then be able to see if it drove users to click your link. Seeing if it was successful or not.



If you haven’t starting collecting analytics for your Instagram account. There’s no better time than to start now.

And what’s great to is that Instagram isn’t a complicated platform. Therefore, the analytics are very easy to read and understand making strategizing and planning new content easy for you.

Peace out,

– Aaron