Mass Planner Alternative

Looking for a Mass Planner alternative?

No problemo.

With the service just being shutdown I respect that a lot of you may be scrambling for a new application with similar functions.

FollowLiker is your answer.

Check out my video covering it here:


Super fast QnA about FollowLiker


What is FollowLiker?

FollowLiker is an Instagram automation application


What OS does it run on?

Windows, MAC, Linux


Does my computer need to be on to run it?



How much is it?

1 Time payment starting at $50 for 1 Instagram account and $100 for unlimited accounts.


Mass Planner alternative links?

I wanted to include any links I mentioned in the video to help you easily navigate and get setup ASAP:


FollowLiker Website


FollowLiker Free Course


The Ultimate FollowLiker Course