5 Must Do Pinterest Profile Tips for 2017

It’s Pinterest profile tips time.

These Pinterest profile tips will guide you through the process of converting your profile into a traffic generating machine.

Sounds good?

Damn right it does 🙂

Let’s do this.


5 Must Do Pinterest Profile Tips for 2017



1. Get a Pinterest Business Profile

First things first.

It’s time to say goodbye to your standard profile.

And upgrade to a Pinterest Business Profiles which gives you access to Pinterest Analytics.

This new feature will let you see what pins are working best and how your profile is performing.


To get a Business Pinterest profile do the following:

Go to your Profile page.

Then click the three little dots icon (see picture below  for guidance)


Enable Pinterest Business Profile


Choose “Access business tools”


Pinterest Access Business tools


Fill out your information and then click “Convert”. Here’s an example of mine


Pinterest Create Business Profile

We will talk about how to you can access analytics later after converting to a business profile.

Next up you want to up-date your profile to look like a Pinterest pro.



2. Edit Pinterest profile basics


Let’s start off by showing you my profile.

And then dig deeper into each part.

Pinterest Profile Example Aaron Ward Media


Business Name

This should simply be the name of your business.

Or if you’re a personal influencer like myself, add keywords after your name.

This lets people find your profile easier, for example when someone searches for Blogging tips I have a chance to show up in their search results.

Also adding these keywords let’s new people know what you do.



You want this to be either your business logo or a clear head shot.

Use the same logo/head-shot you use on other social media to be easily identifiable.

Here’s how mine looks:

Pinterest Profile Image Aaronwardmedia


Which is exactly the same as my Instagram profile picture:

Instagram Profile Image aaronwardmedia




Try and get your own name or your business name here.

I use aaronwardmedia as that’s the same as my website + most social media accounts.


About You

The about you section is where you give people a taste of what you’re all about.

Think of this space as letting someone meet you for the first time.

And hey, first impressions count.


There’s 2 very important things you want to include here.

  1. Short introduction of who you are, let knew people know what you do and if you can help them
  2. A call to action (visit my website/follow me etc…)


Example #1:

Creators of beautiful wooden watches made ethically in Indonesia. Shop our new bamboo collection by visiting our website:


Example #2:

The wiz-kids of social media. We help you grow your audience through creative content. Explore our work on our website:



Let them know where you’re at 🙂



Add your business website here.

Next you want to confirm it.

Depending on your platform (WordPress, Shopify etc…) there’s a way to do it.

I’m going to link you to Pinterest’s super helpful guide to confirm your website.

View the guide here: https://help.pinterest.com/en/articles/confirm-your-website



3. Your boards

Our third Pinterest profile tip is about your boards.

You may already have boards created, with some lovely pins on them.

Great, but are they related to your business?

From now on you only want to create boards related to what you do.

Because I teach social media + blogging tips, all my boards are related to these subjects.

Take a look…

Pinterest Boards Aaronwardmedia


You want to do the same.

Step 1: Delete/make all irrelevant boards private

Step 2: Create 7-10 boards related to your niche

Step 3: Create 1 branded board for all the content you create (mines called Aaron Ward’s Tips). This will be for your blog posts/products etc…


4. What to pin

Pinterest has million gazillion trexajillion pins.


Pinterest Search Social Media


So which ones should you pin?

You want to start having a search for pins which you think will really help your audience and add these to the relevant boards.

Over time you will start creating some awesome boards which has a ton of links to lots of helpful guides.

At the same time, you want to pin anything you create to these boards as well + your branded board (remember my Aaron Ward’s tips board).


So to summarize in a step-by-step actionable routine:

  1. Spend 30 minutes a week (minimum)
  2. Find pins in your niche by doing a search for keywords
  3. Pin helpful guides, articles, tips etc… to a relevant board you created
  4. Pin anything you create from your blog etc… on to your branded board


5. Pinterest Analytics

As promissed I would show you how to see your profile analytics.

Go to your Pinterest account.

The click Analytics top left of your browser > Choose Overview

Pinterest Analytics

This window will then give you a ton of information about your account.

You can see which pins are working best, so you can say let’s pin more ‘Instagram Tips’ because it works better then my ‘Twitter Tips’ pins.


To finish up the Pinterest profile tips

Badaboom you’re profile is fresh and will start gaining views, followers and leads to your website.

My profile when writing this was super fresh and new.

Less then one month old.

It had 450 pins.


Yet I was still getting 2.5k views per month, let’s say 10% of those end up being visitors to my website…

that’s a free 250 interested visitors #winning


Leave me a comment on your your Pinterest profile is going!