Save Instagram videos or photos to your computer

How to save Instagram videos or photos to your computer


Ever find that video or photo on Instagram and really want to save it but just don’t know how?

It’s annoying right?


You don’t want to download a program to do it, most of the online converters suck and overall it’s a mess.

Luckily there’s a super easy way to save Instagram videos and photos. All it requires is a tiny bit of HTML knowledge which I’m going to teach you in this blog post.


Now there’s two options here. You can either continue reading this guide or watch my video demonstration of it live in action, just scroll down to see the video. The choice is yours 🙂


Step 1

Open up the video or image in a web browser. For this guide I’m using Google Chrome.


Save Instagram videos opening video or photo


Step 2

Right click on the image and choose “Inspect”


Save Instagram videos inspecting source


Step 3

You now need to open up the correct element tag (it’s generally the same for all videos or photos).

You will need to click the little triangle to open up the element.


Save Instagram videos opening source

Photo example


Save Instagram photos opening source


Step 4

Right click on the link and click “Open link in new tab“.

This will open up the video/image in to a new window for you.


Save Instagram videos opening photo or video link


Step 5 

Right click the image and choose “Save Image As…“.

Then rename the video/image and save it to your desktop.


Save Instagram videos you opened in new window


And there we go, you have saved either a photo or video from Instagram.


Hopefully you find this helpful for whatever reason you need to save an image for.

Just remember when you upload a video or image you saved, give credit to the original owner as it helps you expose your account to them and it’s also a nice thing to do.


Below I’ve included a video tutorial to show you this live in action.



– Aaron