Schedule Instagram posts and upload them automatically

Schedule Instagram posts and upload them automatically

The biggest issue Instagram users have is dedicating the time to uploading content.

It is a huge time consumer and honestly a pain in the ass.


I don’t want to have to remind myself every day to upload an image at 5pm. It’s annoying and I have better things to do. #rant

I’m sure you feel the same, that’s why your reading this.


So instead what we can do is use FollowLiker to schedule Instagram posts so we no longer have to worry about uploading them.


Before we jump in to the video demonstration of how you can set up FollowLiker to do this, I just wanted to give some tips on how I personally save even more time and plan each month of uploading.

1.  Each month I spend one day to gather 30 images for my Instagram account (1 image a day = 1 month of content)

2. I then write out a caption for each image so I know that all my content is ready to be uploaded

3. I find 30 hashtags using and place them in my first comment section of FollowLiker. This gains you more exposure, likes, comments and followers

4. I also tag a location for business related accounts such as New York, United States for even more exposure


Now don’t worry, I’ll be explaining these a little more in the video demonstration so you know what I’m talking about.

Now this routine may not work for you, but I personally find spending one day a month to get all my content ready and loaded in to FollowLiker is efficient and time saving…

Because you just get in to the flow instead of everyday cold approaching what content to use and writing a caption.


Video explaining the setup process

So in the video I show you how to schedule Instagram posts and upload them automatically using FollowLiker any time and day.

I recommend you follow along and ALWAYS double check your work as you don’t want an awkward caption being uploaded…

…been there done that.


Oh and before I finish, make sure to sign up for your free Instagram automation course

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– Aaron