4 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is So Important For Bloggers

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You may be asking why email marketing is so important.

And I get it…

Email marketing can be a scary area when you’re new to the topic.

But I’ll tell you:

It’s actually very easy once you dip your toe into the water and get your first subscriber—and even first automated email sent out.

Now, today if you’re on the fence of whether you should or shouldn’t start email marketing for your blog, I’m going to point out the main reasons why you should INSTANTLY start collecting emails from your blog visitors (who I’ll refer to as your audience).


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You build trust with your audience

People don’t like you.

And they sure as hell don’t trust you.

After all, you’re just pixels on their screen right now.

Just kidding! People WILL like you:

The best thing about email marketing and building an email list is that you start building trust with your audience.

This is because for someone to join your email list, you will give them a freebie, also known as a lead magnet in exchange for their email address. A lead magnet is a free digital download such as a PDF checklist or eBook.

Here’s a lead magnet I use:

Click here to Get Free Training and grow a $5,000 per month blog


Then after they’ve joined your email list, you can send them more free information, links to your best blog posts, and even more free downloads.

This builds up a ton of trust with you and the person receiving the emails—because it shows you understand your focus topic and can help the user solve problems they have on the subject.

It’s just natural psychology yo:

People naturally build relationships when they receive value from the other person. Think to a time you offered someone help for free out of nowhere. Were they surprised and thankful? Did that relationship grow stronger? Most likely.

In short, email marketing = give out free value to build trust.

As your email list builds, you will be gaining more trust with more people which means…



Easy to sell and promote products

If you want to make money blogging:

Why Email Marketing Is So Important - Make money blogging

You, without doubt, need an email list—there’s no arguing against it. I’m looking at you, John!

This is because it lets you build trust with your audience like we just discussed. These people on your email list are going to be the most interested in the subject you talk about. And therefore, they will be the best people to promote your product to. 🙂

Therefore, when you create a product such as an online course (Reasons to create an online course), you will be able to easily send out emails to people who would be interested in your product and get sales.

In reason 4 we get nerdy and check out some statistics on how email marketing makes the most money/sales vs social media.

It get’s even better too:

Because once you set it up once…



It automatically runs on autopilot

If you use ConvertKit like myself and many other top bloggers.

You write out emails once and then they will send automatically to each new subscriber.

You can also set up things such as:

  1. What days to email people
  2. How many hours/days to send the next email
  3. What time of day to email a subscriber


This makes it very easy to build an evergreen sales funnel.

This is a standard funnel most businesses use and it works just like this:

  1. Person exchanges their email with you in return for a lead magnet
  2. Person gets added to your email sequence
  3. A sequence automatically emails them free information to build trust which you pre-write out once
  4. Then the sequence emails them an offer on your core product (example: online course) which you also pre-write out once


This makes it very easy to build your audience, and sell on auto-pilot.



Email outperforms all social media

Everyone can argue that:

“I don’t need to waste time and money on email marketing because I have 30,000+ Instagram/FaceBook/Twitter followers…I can just sell to them”.

While yes, you can sell to and update your audience on social media (which I recommend you still do)…

It is the LOWEST converting platform. This means you get the least clicks on links and product sales when using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Check out these statistics taken from a study ConvertKit did:

“What percentage of the people who come to the sales page actually purchase?” – ConvertKit

  • YouTube: 2.2%
  • Twitter: 5.4%
  • Facebook: 6.3%
  • Email: 9.4%


Email is the clear winner here.

Check this out too:

This is how many people click through and PURCHASE a product after sending an email to 1000 people vs tweeting out to 1000 twitter followers:

  • 1,000 Twitter followers -> 31 clicks -> 1.7 sales
  • 1,000 email subscribers -> 290 clicks -> 27 sales


Let’s say the product costs $197—a standard online course price.

  • Twitter = $334.90 (1.7 sales  x $197)
  • Email = $5319.00 (27 sales x $197)


As you can see, email is profitable by $4984.10.

The numbers I think speak enough reasoning as to why you should be building an email list—EVEN IF YOU DON’T have a product yet to sell you should still build your list to sell to one day.


Here’s how you can start your email list…

So there it is:

The main reasons why you SHOULD start an email list, like, RIGHT NOW!

I recommend you use ConvertKit as your email marketing service.

Even if you don’t have a product to sell, it’s a very good idea to start collecting emails of potential customers visiting your blog as eventually when you do have a product to sell, you may have over 1000 email subscribers which could be $5000+ worth of sales!

If you want to learn about growing an email list, creating an irresistible lead magnet and gaining traffic to your blog so you list grows rapidly…

Check out my free blog training here:

Click here to Get Free Training and grow a $5,000 per month blog


Got any other reasons others should know why email marketing is so important? Leave a comment below!

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