12 WordPress Plugins That’ll Make Your Blog Grow Like Crazy

You can probably relate when I say:

There are so many WordPress plugins out there, but it’s hard to know which ones you should be using.

Actually, it’s even harder to know…

…which ones will benefit you and help your blog grow.

I’ve compiled a list of 12 WordPress plugins I personally use on my blog, which will help you:

  1. Keep things running smoothly
  2. Not slow down the backend admin interface
  3. Keep your website speed fast and secure to rank high in Google

Let’s start with number one, a personal favorite…


WordPress Plugins #1 – Duplicate Page

WordPress Plugins Duplicate Posts


Get Duplicate Page here

A perfect plugin when you need to duplicate a page!

Like why isn’t this feature already just built into WordPress?

Who knows…

Either way, this is a lifesaver when you need to make, for example, 5 of the same pages to put your different training videos on.

Or you like the look of a page, and don’t want to rebuild it from scratch.

#timesaving 🙂

All this plugin does, is simply add a duplicate option in your WordPress interface.



WordPress Plugins #2 – Easy Affiliate Links

WordPress Plugins Easy Affiliate Links


Get Easy Affiliate Links here

Mixing things up, this plugin can hide those ugly 5000 character affiliate links you get given to something shorter…

…and branded to your domain.

Take a look at this:


This is an affiliate link but masked with my domain.

Looks good right?

Easy Affiliate Links just adds an interface where you can easily create and manage all the afiliate links you need to make.

Heck, they don’t even need to be affiliate links, it could be your youtube channel like so:



WordPress Plugins #3 – Enable Media Replace

WordPress Plugins Enable Media Replace


Get Enable Media Replace here

You can probably agree:

Sometimes you want to update an image or replace it.

Well, guess what? This plugin does just that.

It makes life really easy to just go to your media library, click the replace media button and upload your new file.

Simple, easy, functional and fast.


WordPress Plugins #4 – Imagify

WordPress Plugins Imagify


Get Imagify here

This plugin is super fresh.

It makes your images automatically smaller in file size when you upload them.

This makes your site faster and better at ranking in Google search results.

The interface is really clean and fast in the backend WordPress admin panel.


Now don’t get this plugin confused with being free…

…because it is technically free.

However, there is a limit cap on how many images you can ‘optimize’ per month.

What’s awesome though is there one time plans.

500mb worth of images for $5.99, 1GB for $9.99 and 3GB for $19.99.

Not bad right?


If you’re like “hell naw I ain’t spending money on that”, then check out this plugin which is free and does the same.

Alternative: Get WP Smush It here

p.s I just personally had no luck with WP Smush It it and found it wasn’t actually helping my site get any faster. But lot’s of users have a great time with it 🙂



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WordPress Plugins #5 – Insert Headers and Footers

WordPress Plugins Insert Headers and Footers


Get Insert Headers and Footers here

If you’re like me:

And run Facebook ads…

…or use third-party websites to grow your blog…

…and need to enter those pesky code snippets into your header…

…then this plugin has got you covered.

Insert Headers and Footers does what it says on the tin.

It lets you easily add code to your headers and footers by adding an extra interface in your WordPress Admin Panel > Settings > Insert Headers and Footers.



WordPress Plugins #6 – Jetpack by WordPress.com

WordPress Plugins JetPack


Get JetPack here: https://jetpack.com/features/

JetPack is a really cool WordPress plugin.

It basically monitors your site, adds security from people trying to login to your admin account, shows traffic on your site, and much more.

The plugin also has extra paid for features, such as site backups and spam filtering.

I personally don’t use the paid features. The free version works perfectly alone.

It’s recommended to get this setup as soon as possible, and generally, comes pre-installed with your site too.



WordPress Plugins #7 – LeadPages Connector

WordPress Plugins LeadPages Connector


Get LeadPages Connector here

Using LeadPages like me?

Then use their plugin to easily hook up your landing pages and LeadBoxes to your WordPress blog.

The process of adding LeadPages to your site is made a lot easier.

Not sure what LeadPages is and intrigued?

Learn about LeadPages here



WordPress Plugins #8 – Social Warfare

WordPress Plugins Social Warfare


Get Social Warfare here 

This plugin is super cool.

It helps you increase your social shares on blog posts which means more website traffic!

The plugin adds a small box in your text editor to add social sharing buttons, and automatically ads them to the side and bottom of your blog posts.

It’s super customizable and sexy as hell too.


You’ll even see the buttons on this blog post…

…that’s Social Warfare at work — oh and share this post with yah pals 😉


WordPress Plugins #9 – Wordfence Security

WordPress Plugins WordFence


Get WordFence Security here

Looking for a security guard for yo’ site?

Look no further.

Wordfence will have your site secured from people trying to hack in, place malicious files on your server and all that nasty stuff.

It’s simple to setup. Install, and let it do its thing.

While it might slow down your site a bit, it’s very important to get security on your site…

…You won’t believe how many people try to hack into your site every day using brute force techniques.



WordPress Plugins #10 – WP Rocket

WordPress Plugins WP Rocket


Get WP Rocket here – https://wp-rocket.me/

Alright, there’s a ton of site caching plugins out there.

I did my research.


And many site speed tests.


WP Rocket won my heart.

It’s a one-time fee plugin of $39, but golly it’s worth every penny for the site speed it gave me.

It resulted in a faster 4 second load time on my blog.

This plugin just does magic and increases your sites speed by ‘compressing’ everything down, so it simply loads faster.

I can’t really explain it because I’m not a technical wiz — but it works and that’s what’s important.

Plus, Google ranks fast loading sites higher in the search results.

And visitors to your site won’t get frustrated waiting 10 seconds for a page to load.



WordPress Plugins #11 – WP Optimize

WordPress Plugins WP Optimize


Get WP Optimize here

I almost didn’t include this one:

But it can help the right person in the right situation.


WP Optimize cleans out your website’s backend databases.

Once again, I’m not a plugin tech-wiz here.

It’s just great to clear out your post revisions in a single click and delete spam and trashed comments.

This is the main function I use.

And it increases your website’s speed, with the main performance increase being in the WordPress Admin interface which can get a bit slow with the more plugins you use — that’s why it’s important to use only the plugins you need.



WordPress Plugins #12 – Yoast SEO

WordPress Plugins Yoast SEO


Get Yoast SEO here

How could I not mention this one:

A lifesaver plugin to help you SEO proof your blog.

Just get it.


Download it already if you haven’t.

This plugin adds a box underneath your pages or posts and guides you step-by-step on getting a ‘green light’ on your SEO.

You enter a keyword, then it gives you tips on improving your pages SEO 🙂

Awesome right?


I hope you really enjoyed these plugins I use to optimize and run my blog.

Let me know in the comments what plugins you’re using.


And share this post with your bloggin’ pals 😉



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