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If you're looking to leverage social media to build a thriving content-creation focused business, you're in the right place!

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Who is Aaron Ward?

Entrepreneur, content creator, and coach

Hey I'm Aaron. I'm a 27 year old entrepreneur based in Vancouver, Canada. As you'll soon get to know, I love the reward of building online businesses that generate passive-income.

At the moment I fulfill the role of many important positions to run my business — such as content production, marketing, and product development. So my wide range of experience will be of great help to you!

How I got started

In 2015 I started my first online business (eCommerce store) and used Instagram to build an audience.

With time I managed to grow multiple Instagram profiles to 100,000's of followers and decided to create a personal-brand coaching business to share my strategies with others.

I now continue to help entrepreneurs, content creators, and coaches create streams of income through leveraging social media and digital products (e.g. online courses).

About Aaron Ward
A profile picture of Andre Savage: a student of Startup Courses

"I really appreciate you always keeping your courses up to date. Literally the only "guru" I've seen that is in it for the value more than the money."

Andre Savage · Founder at Savage Vibez

A quick note

Thank you for being here

Firstly I want to thank you for taking the time to learn about me.

There are plenty of people on the internet who can help you build and grow your business so I appreciate you being here.

Why I believe I'm your "guy for the job"

If you're like most new entrepreneurs and content creators the amount of information can make you feel absolutely overwhelmed with what you should be doing.

I help you by focusing on what is working right now — and is 100% future proof — so that you can stop feeling unsure about what your next step should be.

Theres no hype or big promises here. Only strategies that work from experience of building a 6-figure online business for myself and many of my clients.

About Aaron Ward

Max Eleftherio from New York, USA

"I've been extremely happy with the results I got from Aaron! I’ve learned how to build sales pages, grow my email list, and create profitable online courses. I’ve made a friend I hope to continue working with for long to come."

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If you're looking for these

+ 10,797 New Followers

More followers who see you as their favourite expert to help them.

+52 Paying Clients

New clients discovering your content and purchasing your products.

+138 Hours Saved

True freedom inside and outside of your business.

Then you can't miss my free workshop happening right now!

I created a free training that shows you how to create content that gets you seen and paid. It's a free video workshop that gives you the complete process to succeeding in the busy online world.

My values and promises to you

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Get results

You want results and I want you to get them. This isn't a one way deal. Otherwise we're both going to be crying in the shower at night.

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Keep it real

I'm not about selling the lambo-lifestyle to you. I'm here to help you build a business that generates you income, not ego.

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No gimmicks

Success ain't gonna happen over night or with tricks. I'm here to give you proven strategies that work now and in the future.

Gal Rubin from Tel Aviv, Israel

"Aaron gave me the motivation to be an entrepreneur on the internet, so thank you Aaron. Last year you helped me gain over $30,000 through your advice while I was still in school."

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