Everything you need to know about Aaron Ward & growing your business

Hey, I'm Aaron Ward a six-figure digital entrepreneur who helps content creators and coaches build successful businesses selling digital training products... like online courses. If that sounds like something you want to do, then let's see how you can do it!

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Let's start off with the basics

Do you want to turn what you do, love, or know into a profitable business?

About Aaron Ward

Well you're in the right place if you say "yes"!

In 2018 I decided I wanted to start my own online business and grow my personal brand.

I started to coach others about growth and marketing on Instagram, and then moved onto helping coaches & new course creators launch their training products successfully as I felt it was more impactful.

I now run a 6 figure online business that is dedicated to helping new (or struggling) course creators build a profitable business by leveraging content marketing and selling online courses.

There's nothing more enjoyable, and rewarding, then being paid to help others — and I'm here to show you how you can do the same by turning your skills or knowledge into a profitable business!

A profile picture of Andre Savage: a student of Startup Courses

"I really appreciate you always keeping your courses up to date. Literally the only "guru" I've seen that is in it for the value more than the money."

Andre Savage · Founder at Savage Vibez

I'm dedicated to your success no matter what your background or experience is

Firstly I want to thank you for taking the time to learn about me, I know there are plenty of people on the internet who can help you 'make money online'.

Client results is the most important 'metric' in my business.

Whether you're just brand new to building a business, or you're launching a 2nd course to your established audience, I'm dedicated to helping you get more growth and profit.

I do this through telling it how it is, and sharing simple proven strategies that work. While this approach isn't 'sexy' and filled with Lamborghinis, it "gets the job done" as us Brits say.

So when you work with me, you'll discover that I deeply care about your success and making sure you are doing the right tasks correctly, so that you build your dream business fast with stable foundations.

About Aaron Ward

Max Eleftherio from New York, USA

"I've been extremely happy with the results I got from Aaron! I’ve learned how to build sales pages, grow my email list, and create profitable online courses. I’ve made a friend I hope to continue working with for long to come."

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So are you the right person to

Launch an online business selling digital training products?

You Want Consistent & Scalable Income

Coaching & selling online courses is one of the fastest ways to generate scalable & sustainable income. The margins are very high, due to limited overhead costs, and the business model also provides you with freedom of time.

You Care About Helping Others

If you're big on helping others and find joy in doing just that, then coaching & selling an online course is going to feel amazing, purposeful, and impactful every day. You'll be helping others improve their life, see the impact you make, all while being paid.

You Want Low Stress & Maintenance

The best part about coaching & selling online courses is that you don't have a lot of stress. Let's take your worst case scenario: a refund! At the click of a button, you can refund your customer, no shipping, inventory, or loss of money.

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My Values & Promise To You

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Be Transparent

I believe that the best way to change someone's life is through communication, education, and compassion. I'm always honest inside and outside of my business, to ensure trust in our relationship together in this noisy online world.

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Have Fun

Building a business should be a balance of discipline and pleasure. While you and I are both here to pay the bills and build the dream life we want, what's the point if it's more unsatisfying than a traditional 9-5 job?

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Get Results

You're not here to waste time. I care about your results because its a direct reflection of my businesses performance. While my methods are not 'super sexy' they get real results and grow your business fast.

Gal Rubin from Tel Aviv, Israel

"Aaron gave me the motivation to be an entrepreneur on the internet, so thank you Aaron. Last year you helped me gain over $30,000 through your advice while I was still in school."

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