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Aaron Ward

What's this site about?

Aaron Ward runs this website to show you how to create an impactful online business, which generates you passive income in a fulfilling way.

I show you how to monetize your creativity, passions and skills so that you can build an online business that generates passive income and makes an impact.

You'll find free guides and tips on my site which are "clear, concise and easy to follow", as well as both free and paid online courses.

Online course Breakdown

Joe Vince

Well taught courses! Videos are great, and you truly cover everything! Bonus!

Okay Ogut

I like that you keep the video's short, to the point and clear to understand.

Alexander Antonov

Your courses are awesome and you are a very good "teacher"! Everything is clear and simple.

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Aaron's story

How it all started...

To be honest...my story isn't that crazy:

I started my business and personal brand (Aaron Ward) in 2017 with one goal in mind: to help business owners with their Instagram marketing.

With time I started learning more about online marketing, picking up new skills such as building websites, creating sales funnels and selling online courses.

I always found it hard to get good quality and straight-to-the-point information...

...so I created this website as a resource to teach you important skills I've used to generate over $100,000+ a year in passive income — because I wish I had a resource like this when I was first getting started.

My #1 income source is online courses...

and here's why online courses are a great product to create:

Simple logistics

Online courses are a digital product — so you don't have to deal with manufacturing a physical product.

This means you don't need to find a supplier, look at materials, import your products, pay for shipping fees, find space for inventory and so on...

Instead, all you need is a computer and microphone to get started.

Which is a very low start up cost!

Guaranteed to sell

Online courses solve problems; they're pre recored lessons that give a step-by-step solution.

They're just like schools: while you can find the information for free spread across books and the internet, they provide it in a structured format.

People pay for connivence, they know the information can be found for free — your course however is up-to-date and structured to solve their problem quickly.

Easy to grow an audience

If you create an online course you need to traffic to make sales.

The best way to grow your traffic (and audience) is through creating free tutorials, guides and how-to's on YouTube or your blog so that you can:

  • Let people discover you
  • Show that you're an authority in your niche
  • And tell people about your paid online course

People will appreciate that you are helping them for free — so when you offer them your paid course they'll be more likely to buy.

They sell for premium pricing

Online courses can make serious profit.

That's why online courses are created by top entrepreneurs like Patt Flynn, Tai Lopez, Melyssa Griffen and many more.

It's not rare to sell an online course for $149+ minimum.

And the margins are very good too, as you're not paying for manufacturing, materials or shipping.

There are lot's of courses that are priced at $997, simply because the information inside is worth it...

And what's great is that you can generate sales while you sleep, play a sport, go on holiday or stuff your face and watch Netflix.

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