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7 Online Course Sales Page Tips (Boost Conversions & Profit)

An article by Aaron Ward, Online Marketing Strategist

Online Course Sales Page Tips
Aaron Ward

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#1. Fix Your Damn Copywriting

And no, this doesn't mean you need to add in fancy big words.

Or restructure your paragraphs.

Instead it's much deeper. You need to get into the marketers mindset.

Here's what I mean:

Your students don't want to buy an online course. They do WANT TO BUY a solution to get their desired outcome.

Your copywriting needs to LAZER TARGET their desired outcome.

For example, let's say you have a course teaching females how to do makeup like a pro.

No one wants to do makeup like a pro. That's NOT a desired outcome that they want.

Instead, they want to look more beautiful, appear more desirable, feel more confident and so on...

That's what your copywriting needs to do. Target your audiences deep desires.

Your online course, product, or service is the vehicle that gets them to that desired outcome (think about taking them from A to B).

I actually explain this marketing theory in this video:

As another example, let's say someone's desired outcome is to look more attractive. You could sell them many "vehicles" to get them there:

  • Makeup
  • Clothing
  • Fitness
  • Healthy eating

People don't care about the vehicle, as long as transforms them from problem to solution.

So go and update your copy. And make sure it's speaking to your audiences desired outcome.

If you don't know how to find your audiences desired outcome, consider joining Profitable Course Academy.

#2 . Add Social Proof To Your Page

Humans like being in herds.

When people see others owning a product or service that they don't have, they will start questioning "why don't I have this if everyone else does".

This is FOMO (Fear of missing out), which is anxiety that you are missing potential opportunities that can make your life better.

So to help increase your sales, make sure you are adding:

  • Case Studies of Successful Students
  • Reviews
  • Testimonials
  • Proof of Results

...and anything you can get your hands on that helps your customer know that your course is the right fit for them.

Now f you want to get fancy, you can use a third party tool such as Verified By Proof — this nifty little chap shows a notification on your sales page of any recent conversions/sales/signups/etc... that other users have made on your site.

It looks like this:

Verified by Proof App Example

#3. Remove Pointless Distracting Links

I die a little inside when I see "follow me" social links on sales pages.

angry lilo and stitch GIF

Your sales page has one purpose: to get sales.

So would you rather:

  • A) Someone clicks on your Instagram link, and then gets distracted and is now 3 hours deep into dog videos
  • B) They click your buy button, join your course, and have their life changed

Your answer should be B.

Make sure to remove all those silly social icons and links you have on your sales page.

If this isn't you, double thumbs up you rock!

In fact, remove any links that don't help you get the sale and distract your potential customer from clicking your buy button.

Exceptions include:

  • Refund Policy Link
  • Earnings Disclaimer Link
  • Terms and Conditions Link
  • Privacy Policy Link

The only link you should have is a BIG FAT button that says "BUY NOW".

#4. Update The Design Dammit

Be honest with yourself for a second.

Does your sales page look good?

Does it scream, hot damn I'm a sexy sales page with a sexy product hidden behind this copy and images? And more importantly does it look trustworthy?

Because if your website looks like trash, what does that say about the product you're trying to sell?

Now I'm not saying you hide bad marketing or copywriting with pretty and pointless web page elements — because that will just distract the viewer from understanding your main value proposition.

But instead I'm preaching that you:

Design your sales page to be more clear at getting your message across (product benefits) and destroying any objections your viewer may have.

Good sales page design is communicating your value proposition and removing objections in the most simple and clear way.

So if you said "no my sites ugly Aaron :(" then it's time to get your web design paintbrush out and make it look great.

I use Webflow to build, design, and even host my sales pages. You can give that a go, otherwise tools such as Instapage, or LeadPages are great tools that will help you create a sales page in no time.

#5. Make Sure It Works on All Devices

Bouncing off the idea of updating your design, you want to make sure your sales page looks great on both desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

We live in a modern world people, so we need modern sales pages.

For example, make sure your two columns turn into single columns on mobile views, so users don't have to scroll in like crazy to see things.

Also, go a step further and display resized images on mobile devices so they are easier to view. For example, your screenshot of a review in your Online Courses Facebook group may look smashing on desktop, but on mobile that image will be small and very hard to read.

You can always use Google Analytics to see what devices your visitors are viewing your sales page on.

To do this go to Acquisition > Search Console > Devices:

Then you'll be able to see who's visiting your site on what device.

Then for example if your website has more mobile viewers, you would design your site for mobile first, and then desktop next.

#6. Add a Sales Video

It sounds obvious but I see so many online course sales pages without a sales video.

Give people a taste of who you are. Having a sales video has so many benefits:

  • It increases your trust with prospects as they can see a real person is behind the product
  • It gives them an idea of who you are
  • And it gives the lazy-shoppers (people who don't want to read copy) a simple way to understand your product

I include a sales video at the top of my sales pages:

Online course sales page video

What you can also do is include more videos down the page. For example, you could have a video explaining the modules of your course, or a video talking about your refund policy. Go wild! It's all about testing different things.

#7. Don't Forget To Split Test Your A and B

You'll never know if things are actually working if you don't test different parts of your sales page.

Your solution?

Google Optimize, baby.

This free tool (courtesy from the gods at Google) will let you make changes to your sales page and then give you analytics on what is and isn't working.

Here's what I recommend you do.

Go and create split tests for the following:

  • Button Colours
  • Headlines (target different desired outcomes your audience wants)
  • Images
  • Subheadings
  • And even your body copy
  • Heck, go and try doing a different Refund Policy/Guarantee

At the end of the day, you'll only know what does and doesn't work if you TEST things.

Oh and in case you're wondering — do your split tests at separate times. Google Optimize will tell you when it believes you have a clear winner via email.

For example, you may try doing an A/B test of 3 different button colours, red, blue, and green. You'll send 33% of your traffic to each one. And after a certain amount of visits Google Optimize will announce which button attracted the most sales.

Cool right?

"It sure is Aaron!"

Great, go and do it then :)

Bonus Tip. Add Trust Factors

This one is a beauty people.

Simple yet conversion boosting deadly.

On your sales page you want to add "trust factors" such as:

  • Secure Checkout
  • Credit Card Logos
  • Money Back Guarantee Badges
  • Any Verified Partnerships
  • Any Qualifications/Certifications You Have

For example, near my checkout button I add the following icons:

Sales page trust factors

This will make your sales pages viewers feel more comfortable with entering your checkout process because they know that their information is secure and safe.

This will be more effective if you are doing cold traffic with Facebook ads or something similar.

If you have warm leads who already trust you, this is the cherry on top that let's them feel extra willing to give you their money.

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