UseProof Review 2019 — A REAL User Report on Pros + Cons

Do you want to increase your conversions?

Then the Proof App is for you.

And here’s what it looks like:

Proof App Example

You can see it live on my sales page here.

I’ve been actively using Proof on my online courses website to increase signups and sales.

Today you’re going to learn why I’m using proof, the features that stand out the most and how they can help you gain more:

  • Sales
  • Signups
  • Leads
  • Optins
  • And so on...

Let’s dive in:

Ease of Use and Effectiveness

After signing up for Proof you will be logged in to the Proof Dashboard.

Proof App Dashboard

This is where you configure how you want Proof's notifications to appear on your website.

The user experience and interface design of the proof dashboard is beautifully designed and easy to use.

You will also find a tab labeled ‘Get Started’, which takes you step-by-step through the Proof Dashboard.

This is perfect for beginners who want to dive in straight away.

It takes around 10-20 minutes to get everything setup and running the way you want it...

...Depending on how picky you are 😉

Proof App Get Started

The first step will guide you on installing the small code snippet inside your websites <head> tag. Which is very easy especially if you’re using Webflow to build your websites like me.

Proof App Pixel Installation
*You can also use the live chat feature (bottom right) to speak with Proof support. They're very helpful if things get confusing.

This snippet allows Proof to now display on your website.

That means it’s time for the fun part:

You can now set up campaigns. A campaign is you telling Proof what activity and notifications you want to show such as:

  • Recent conversions/activity
  • Live visitor count
  • Hot streaks

Proof App Making a Campaign

You have tons of options to customize the campaign to suit your needs and wants.

You can change the:

  • Message that is shown
  • How many conversion you want to show (most recent 20 for example)
  • Only display if there is at least 1 conversion
  • Prevent visitors seeing their own activity
  • Display a custom image instead of a map/user profile picture
Proof App Recent Activity Settings

You can also choose where to capture your information that will be shown. Proof is awesome and gives you recommended URL's where it thinks user data is captured.

This of coruse should be a page where a user can enter their email, name and so on. For example here’s the recent activity notification:

Proof App Capture URL Settings

And you can then choose what pages you want the notification to display on. You can once again choose a recommended URL or enter a custom one.

Proof App Display URL Settings

Overall, the options are easy to understand which makes this app great. Also if you are using Zapier they have simple integrations, as well as web hooks if you need them.

It’s very easy to use and just like Neil Patel said, "Great Tool! Nothing Beats Live Social Proof."

Neil Patel Use Proof Review

Proof's support? They’re digital superheros

Proof is AWESOME when it comes to support.

You can go the ol fashion route with an email and expect a response in 24 hours.

Or you can use their live chat feature which is a personal favourite.

Proof Live Chat

And on top of that, Proof has an FAQ section to get your questions answered even quicker.

Proof App FAQ

The staff over at Proof are very friendly and for sure care about their customers, you'll instantly feel the same once you create an account as they personally reach out to ensure your setup process is going well.

Math Makes the Pricing Seem Less Scary

When I first looked at Proof’s pricing I was on the fence, as I knew other options were cheaper.

Proof App Pricing

But the other options lacked the key features such as live visitor count and hot streaks that Prooft has.

So I stepped back and did some quick math.

I realized that spending $79 per month was nothing for the return I would be getting.

You can also use this concept to figure out if the tool is worth it for you.

#1 Worst case scenario: 

  • I spend $79 and make no extra sales. Unlikely to happen.

#2 Meh case scenario:

  • I spend $79 on proof and make 1 sale at $127 (my course price). That’s a profit of $48. Not bad.

#3 Good case scenario:

  • I spend $79 on Proof Pro and make 10 extra sales per month (127x10 = $1270). That’s a profit of $1191. NOT BAD AT ALL!
Typically Proof has an “Average conversion lift of 10-15%” - Proof.

So with that you can pretty much be guaranteed at least 5-10% more in sales per month and figure out the math of your current income.

If it’s over $80, then it’s worth getting Proof. As you profit $1.

For example:

Let's say you purchase Proof Pro for $79/per month. And on average you do $5,000 in sales per month. 10% of $5000 is $500.

Therefore, you would be looking at a profit of ~$421 ($500-$79) from using Proof.

That's not a bad return if you ask me.

Conclusion: Is Proof a Good Investment?

I would say definitely as it helps me convert more visitors into leads and customers and it will do the same for you.

If you give Proof a test run, make sure to track the date you implement Proof in your Google analytics account so you can see the difference.

I’ve hooked you up and managed to grab you a free trial to give Proof a go.

Use Proof Free Trial

Or click here to start your 14 Day Free Proof Trial

Let me know your thoughts

Are you using proof?

Leave a comment below on your experience with Proof and if its increased your conversions.

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