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Welcome to my site! I'm very grateful you have made it here. I've built this page to get your questions answered fast.

Please make sure to check out the FAQ section below first.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who do you use for email marketing?

I'm a long time user of ConvertKit.

Q. How do you create online courses?

I use Google Slides, OBS to record and Teachable to host my courses/process payments. And to design my sales pages, I use Webflow for the design and ProofApp to show recent conversions.

Q. What do you use for finances & tax tracking?

I use Quickbooks, it's dead easy to use and makes your accountants life much easier!

Q. Can you help me with Jarvee or FollowLiker?

Please contact the native support team first, you are paying for their support monthly. Otherwise, make sure to check out my walkthroughs inside Instagram Masterminds or YouTube videos.

Q. My proxies for Instagram don't work?

Contact your proxy provider to get a replacement proxy (a new one), and also follow my lessons inside of Instagram Masterminds to ensure you have set everything up correctly.

Q. My Instagram account is blocked on Jarvee?

You will need to stop automation for 24-48 hours to reset your account. After that, lower your settings and increase your delays by an extra 20 seconds for 1 week.

Q. Do you offer coaching/one on one help?

I sure do. You can find out more information here.

Q. Can you help me with Facebook/YouTube Jarvee settings?

The short answer is no. I don't use Facebook or YouTube inside of Jarvee. I believe you can get a better ROI on your time and money doing Facebook ads (and retargeting ads). And for YouTube all you can do is spam comments. And I don't want to promote bad habits. Instead, I recommend you learn YouTube SEO and work on creating high quality videos that help others.

Q. What Instagram automation tools do you use?

Automation application: Jarvee
Proxies: HighProxies and SSLPrivateProxies
VPS: GreenCloudVPS

Q. Do you do interviews, paid promotion or guest appearances?

Yes, yes and yes. Please reach out to me by email (found below).

Q. Do you give out discounts for your products?

I tend to not give out discounts as the products I sell are worth their weight in value at their current pricing. So the short answer is no. I would never sell you anything that wouldn't help you get real results.

Q. How did you build

I use Webflow to build my websites and Namecheap to purchase my domain names. In addition, for my online courses I use Teachable and Proof (popup to show recent conversions)

Have another question?

Feel free to get in touch with me: aaron(@)