Discover How To Successfully Launch & Sell a Profitable Online Course in 2021

Course LaunchersTM is a step-by-step proven process on how to launch and sell an online course without using overused funnels, or manipulative and sleazy sales tactics — trusted by over 100+ course creators.

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Aaron Ward

With Results Like This...

A profile picture of Luis Duplat: a student of Startup Courses

"Pay attention to what Aaron recommends. I've been pre-launching my Dental Marketing Course these last 10 days, and so far I've made 15 sales totaling $7,455!"

Luis Naranjo Duplat · Founder at Smile Consulting

Online Courses Are By Far The BEST Way To Add More Revenue Into Your Business... But They Don't Just Sell Themselves!

Low Startup Costs, High Margins, Minimal Logistics, and IMPACTFUL Customer Transformations Make Online Courses The BEST Product to be Selling, Especially as MORE People are Spending Time Indoors These Days Looking To Get Help From You

SO WHY Do Some Course Creators Launch and Make $0.00.... Even When They Use The Same Time-Proven Strategies & Tools? 

The short answer is if your courses OFFER sucks & is missing the essential ingredients, no copy & paste webinar or amount of traffic will help you gain sales.

Trying to send more traffic to a bad course offer, is like adding gas to an engine with holes in it. It ain't gonna work!

The reality is that you need to know who you are helping, what they want help with, and how you can help them in the easiest and quickest way... that's how you sell an online course!

Then you need to get your offer into the hands of the right people, through creating content that highlights what they want & what they need for them to achieve their goals.

Without these... you're business is doomed.

Luckily, that's what Course Launchers shows you how to do, step-by-step, in a plug-and-play process!

"Course Launchers is Like a Golden Ticket That Gives You a V.I.P Look at Exactly What Works & How To Launch Your Course... Profitably"

Inside You'll Find 6 NO-Details-Missed Video Training Modules That Give You The FULL Process To Successfully Launch Your Course, and Sell It On Autopilot

Course Launchers is an online course that gives you the skills, plan, tools, and strategies to successfully launch an online course.

It consists of 6 modules and tons of bonus training for important business growth aspects (such as traffic acquisition and analytic reporting) that don't quite align to the main course-launching objective, but are still important.

There's no time-wasting inside the course, you'll jump directly into in-depth and actionable training with exercises and tasks to get you to the results you want quickly.

You'll Also Be Receiving Dedicated Yearly Support from Aaron Ward (That's Me!) as You Launch Your Course & Build Your Business

Going above and beyond is my style when it comes to helping you get your course launch off the ground.

I deeply care for your success when you join this program, and I don't rest until you see digits showing on your sales report.

The support for members includes our private Facebook group (post questions or join in with our Live Q&A's), video or audio feedback on your progress, and in those rare cases I'll jump on a quick free call to help you out.

Lifetime Marketing Skills That Allow You To Rinse & Repeat Product Launches Easily

Course Lauchers isn't some "here's the stuff — good luck you'll never hear from me again!" training program.

You'll will learn how to align your beliefs, thoughts, and actions to those of a 6+ figure business owner — so that you can make your own decisions within your business, and feel as though you're in the driver's seat instead of aimlessly copying and pasting some funnel, sales page, or copy.

If you want to earn over 6+ figures within your business, you need to start thinking like and acting like a 6+ figure CEO.

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Give Me 90 Days & You'll Walk Away With a  Profitable Online Course Launch!

Everything you need is inside...

Here's EXACTLY What You Can Expect To Learn & Achieve From This Video Training Course...

"Course Launchers split into 4 Phases that Guarantee a Successful Launch: In Each Phase You'll Learn a Step-by-Step Process & Have Action Items To Follow"

Phase 1 — Plan & PRototype

Build Your Ultimate Course Launch Plan & Craft Your Irresistible Offer

Every successful course launch starts with a plan and offer made up of 7 key ingredients. Forget one ingredient, and the whole recipe for success is ruined.

Course Launchers first phase is all about building a course launch plan that works on your schedule, so that you achieve your goals.

You'll also get CRYSTAL CLEAR and INCREDIBLY CONFIDENT on WHO you are going to help, WHAT you are helping them achieve, and HOW you are going to be doing it.

If you've been struggling with figuring out "who is it that I'm trying to sell to?" or "What course should I sell and how do I know if people want it?"... this module will quantum leap you past that paralyzing phase!

You'll Discover...

My Simplified Approach to Researching Your Audience & Discovering Key Details To perfect your messaging

If you've ever struggled with figuring out who you are trying to help, and connecting with them on a personal level, you're going to have your mind blow with this simple method of research you'll use to discover those beautiful details about your audience so you appear like that god send person who can help them.

The 7 MUST KNOW Ingredients That Make Your Offer a Sold-Out Homerun On Your First Launch

Your offer is what sells, mess it up and... well... it won't sell. I'm going to show you how to build an offer that converts and is something your audience can resist by using 7 key ingredients.

How To Find Where Your Prospects Are At, And What They WANT To Buy in the current Marketplace

As the saying goes, "sell your audience what they want, and then give them what they need to get that!". I'll show you how to discover WHAT your prospects want and where they are at, so your course launch is nothing but a cha-ching success.

How To Use The 'DIGIT System' to make a Dream Course Launch an Actual reality

The money is in the numbers! I walk you through what numbers you need to know when it comes to launching a digital training product and how use these numbers to make your launch successful.

"I've traveled to over 3 conferences in the USA, and I've never felt so clear and confident about who I'm helping and how I'm helping them thanks to you & Course Launchers. Thank you Aaron!"

Zuleikha Assenjee · Aromatherapy Coach for Professionals with Autism

Phase 2 — Attract & Convert

Grow Your Audience, Email List, and Acquire Your First Course Customers

Arguably the most exciting phase according to Course Launcher students.

You'll learn the simple process profitable course creators are using to execute a successful launch to validate their program and generate their first sales!

inside I'll be walking you through the steps to firstly attract your ideal clients who WANT to pay for your programs and help! 

You'll get your hands on my content conversion system which converts your audience into customers, instead of playing a guessing game of what to post. Plus you'll learn how to execute your beta-launch which is a must do for validating your course idea and offer, ultimately saving you from trying to sell a product no one wants.

You'll MASTER...

How to attract your ideal customers & grow your audience fast (without hustling your ass off)

If you want to make sales happen, you're going to need some people to see your offer. This phase is all about attracting the right people (forget the vanity metrics!) who will be excited to learn from you, join your email list, and engage with your launch in the next phase.

Creating content that converts & Works for any platform

Most people get stuck in the content creation hamster wheel, this won't be you because I'll be sharing with you how to create content that gets people to take action and become customers. Hint: it's all about creating content that highlights WHAT your prospect needs to get the results they want, so when you tell them you have a product that shows them how... they'll be ready to buy!

Performing a BETA-LAUNCH to validate your offer

Finally, you'll also learn the simple process of how to validate your offer. You'll start generating pre-sales for your course. And this all happens before you've even created your product!

"I'd say each phase takes roughly 30 days to complete, but you can progress at your own comfortable pace as all the content is instantly accessible and that's my favorite part with being a Yogi Coach and busy Mom of 2 boys"

Jenny Kelmer · Yogi Coach inside Course Launchers

Phase 3 — Creating Your Program

Create Your Course With Your Students & Generate Praise-Worthy Reviews

In this phase of Course Launchers you'll finally dive into creating and delivering your online course.

That's right, you'll be selling it before you start making it!

I'll show you how to correctly teach your material so that it's engaging and gets results for your students... all without using fancy camera equipment.

You'll also learn how to get your students to help you create your course: so you don't have to play a guessing game of "I wonder what they want to learn from me?".

And to finish it all off, I'll show you how to generate your first reviews and case studies of students who have been tremendously impacted by your program (which will happen!).


How To Get Your New Students To Create Your Course Content For You (no more guessing!)

Creating your course material can seem daunting and overwhelming. I show you how to do this easily by leveraging your students to help you create an incredible course that they want, so you don't have to struggle or guess any more.

Generating Student Reviews & Case Studies

I'll show you how to increase student attendance (it's one thing to sell a product, but it's another to get them to use it!) and then how to generate reviews, case studies, and feedback to improve and sell your course more!

How to create lessons without fancy camera or recording equipment

You'll learn the easy process of creating lessons that are engaging and entertaining, all without using expensive camera equipment or high production setups. In fact, if you're camera shy you don't even need to appear on camera, and I'll show you how.

A profile picture of Luis Duplat: a student of Startup Courses

"Pay attention to what Aaron recommends. I've been pre-launching my Dental Marketing Course these last 10 days, and so far I've made 15 sales totaling $7,455!"

Luis Naranjo Duplat · Founder at Smile Consulting

Phase 4 — Automating Your Sales

Scale & Automate Your Course Enrollments With A Sales Machine

Finally to take your business to that next level, you'll learn how to build an automated marketing campaign that generates new enrollments for your course, without you actively doing anything.

You'll be creating your own automated funnel that attracts new prospects, and converts them into customers for your course because by now you will have validated your course offer and know people want it.

In addition, you'll also learn how to introduce backend offers for your customers to maximize your revenue and impact — plus how to re-invest back into your business to 10x your traffic and sales.


Build an automated SALES Funnel to scale your business & Revenue

Automation is the fuel of passive-income. I'll be walking you through how I've used automation to generate multiple 6 figures in my business so that you can do the same, allowing you to scale faster, get back time, and not have to do live launches every time you want to generate sales.

Create Analytics Reports to understand your marketing performance

Debriefing your launch is the key to improving the next time you do it. I'll be showing you how to find your KPI (key performance indicator) metrics and how to leverage your findings for your next launch to quantum leap your success.

How to introduce backend offers for your customers to add more revenue into your business

The easiest way to add more revenue into your business, after you have your core offer converting and generating revenue, is to offer more help and value to your current customers. You'll learn how to come up with new offers that your customers want, and how to sell them.

Have You Seen It? A Free Sneak Peek Inside Course Launchers:

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Course LaunchersTM Enrollment Also Includes These Must-Have Tools For Success

Get Access To Our Private Facebook Community Group Filled With Brilliant Minds, Support, & Value

Course Launchers has an amazing group of entrepreneurs, coaches, content creators, and course creators!

We all hang out together inside our private Facebook group which you'll get invited to after you enroll.

This group is the perfect place to meet new people, make connects, and get support from myself and others who can share from their own experience of launching their course.

You Get Lifetime Updates To All The Course Material & Any New Bonus Releases Are COMPLETELY FREE

Course Launchers constantly receives updates to improve the core training modules and lessons so that you can get results easier and even faster.

While the training doesn't get outdated, I constantly strive to teach the skills and processes inside in the most easy way to understand and implement.

In addition, new bonuses are frequently added to the course and you'll get these for completely free too (you'll be able to see the current bonuses down below).

"Aaron your updates for this are 10x worth the investment. I've never seen someone update their product and add so much value to it (and I've joined a lot of other courses 😬). I really love how your updates don't require me to rewatch everything either"

James Le Roux · Wedding Photographer

What People Who Have Joined Course LaunchersTM are Saying About This Business Transforming Program

A profile picture of Nicole Cesa: a student of Startup Courses

"I’m honestly so excited you created this course. I just did the market research task (I didn’t want to) but I decided to and realized how helpful that actually is. Thanks again for your help and thoughts, very much appreciated!"

Nicole Cesa · Functional Fitness Coach

A profile picture of Dominick Carney: a student of Startup Courses

"Just made my first automated course sale of $997 after completing Aaron's program and using his methods."

Dominick Carney · Founder at

A profile picture of Max Eleftherio: a student of Startup Courses

"I’ve learned how to build sales pages, grow my email list, and create profitable online courses thanks to Aaron."

Max Eleftherio · Digital Marketer For Fitness & Clothing Brands

A profile picture of Andre Savage: a student of Startup Courses

"I really appreciate you always keeping your courses up to date. Literally the only "guru" I've seen that is in it for the value more than the money."

Andre Savage · Founder at Savage Vibez

A profile picture of Julian Riise: a student of Startup Courses

"This is awesome stuff! The full transparency you practice in this course really sets you out from the crowd! Thanks a lot, Aaron"

Julian Riise · Digital Entrepreneur

PLUS Get instant access to over $4,191 in free Business-Transforming Bonuses!



Bonus #1

Step-by-Step Tools & Tech Training (Setup Your Automated Funnel)

If the process of correctly setting up your business digital tools & tech ain't your thing, I've got you covered!

You'll get my step-by-step video walkthroughs showing you how to successfully setup the necessary tools to launch and automatically sell your online course, including:

  • Email Marketing Setup & Automation
  • Sales Funnel Building
  • Creating Sales & Landing Pages
  • Online Course Hub/Learning Portal Setup
  • Checkout & Payment Processing

You'll get to see exactly how I've set my tools up and how I run my business... and then I'll show you exactly how to do it yourself, with NO DETAILS MISSED!

"Worth 5 separate courses on their own!". This bonus training would cost you over $2,997+ if you hired a consultant or a freelancer to do it for you, or if you paid the companies for tech support.

"I'm terrible with tech stuff and this training was so helpful for me. I really appreciated that you didn't miss any steps and explained what you were doing and why I should be doing it. These trainings should be courses on their own."

Lucy McDuff · Spiritual & Manifestation Coach



Bonus #2

Copywriting Hacks: 300 Plug-and-Play POWER Words To Increase Sales

Stand out and CAPTURE your prospects attention with emotion engaging phrases and words.

This massive book of over 300 marketing words will help you write engaging headlines, email subject lines, content captions, and titles for your media content.

How much would it cost to get powerful words to that speak directly to your audience? If it's a good copyrighter... a few hundred at least!

"Yes to the power words document! So easy to quickly grab 'authoritative' and 'sensational' words for my marketing ;)"

Jenny Campbell · Baking Healthy Snacks Coach



Bonus #3

Video Training: Analytics Tracking & Reporting To Scale Your Course FAST

If you don't know how much traffic, leads, and sales you're generating — and where they're coming from — you'll never grow.

This bonus bundle is a deep-dive into Google Analytics specifically for Online Course Creators.

You'll learn how to setup Google Analytics to track all the important metrics for your online course, and how to see reports, and most importantly how to use the data to scale your business and increase sales!

Money saving alert! This would cost you over $997 if you hired a consultant or a freelancer to set this up for you.

"Analytics and numbers have always been something I've ignored. Aaron made this very easy to understand and the information is worth the full investment of Course Launchers alone."

Jake Ewart · Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach



Bonus #4

Facebook Ads For The Scaling Course Creator (Video Training)

This bonus video training walks you through every step to successfully create Facebook or Instagram ads to generate more traffic, leads, and customers for your online course.

As always, Facebook ads are NOT necessary to successfully sell online courses, but they're a great way to reinvest back into your business to scale faster.

Big Savin's: Save yourself from investing in other Facebook advertising courses (or consultants) with this bonus training that focuses specifically on creating Facebook & Instagram ads for course creators.

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Case Studies of Real People Inside Course Launchers Who Are Putting The Processes & Systems Into Action!

Dominick joined Course Launchers, followed the system inside, and gained his first sale — instantly gaining an ROI on his investment and setting him up for success...

Dominick continued to grow and reached his first $34,448+ month in course sales! It all started with the first sale he made after following the process outlined inside Course Launchers.

Michael used Course Launchers and the templates inside to generate his first sales for his music production course without having an audience... in fact his first sale was completely from cold traffic!

Luis recently joined Course Launchers and put the plan and strategies into action gaining him 7 sales which at the end of his first launch ended up being...

...over 15 pre-sales, totaling $7,455! That's a $6,458 return on Luis's investment from when he purchased Course Launchers, and he's continuing to make more sales every day!

Will you be a Course LaunchersTM Success Story?

Heads up... Course Launchers was previously called Startup Courses, therefore you may see some students referring to it as that in the screenshots below:

Join Course Launchers Today!

Hold Up! Is Resistance, Self Doubt, or Perfectionism Stopping You From Building Your Dream Business This Year?

Have you found yourself saying any of these dream-destroying & course-crushing phrases?

I don't have an audience, following, or email list yet, I'll build that first then sell

My course idea is already being sold by others...I'm too far behind

What if no one shows up or doesn't buy my course, its could be a huge waste of time

I need to launch my website before I sell a course, otherwise I won't look professional

The time isn't good right now, I'll just wait until things are less busy and I finish this current project

I have no idea where to start and it just seems like a lot to do, I'm worried it's not the right choice for me

"Course Launchers Has Answers For all Those Paralyzing Thoughts That Hold You Back From Launching Your Course & Being Your Best Self"

After all, it's just your biological caveman wired brain trying to protect and keep you safe from failure and judgement from others (being removed from the tribe)... right?

Firstly you need to align your thoughts & beliefs to the roll of a successful CEO.

Like most entrepreneurs I've experience the oh-so-fun-rainbow of worry and endless doubt if what I'm doing is a waste of time and will not work out... god it's the worst.

The good news is you're not alone or different if you experience the same or similar thoughts and feelings.

Inside Course Launchers you'll learn how to shift & remove these never ending thought patterns and remove any perfectionism that paralyzes your growth.

This is a hidden phase that happens before you launch your course, to ensure your mind is in the right place because...

If your thoughts and beliefs don't align to the goals you want, you'll never achieve them.

For example, if you believe that you're course launch won't be successful, how do you think that'll impact the plan you use, the strategy and actions you take, and ultimately results you get?

Course Launchers training is fantastic, but what's even better is the active and caring community of other coaches & entrepreneurs launching their courses that you'll be surrounded by.

You'll never be left alone or have to worry about things not working out because myself, and plenty of others will be rooting for you to win and push you past those uncomfortable moments!

So Who is Course LaunchersTM For?

Coaches, Authors, Course Creators (New or Struggling) & Speakers

If you fall under the label of a coach, author, or course creator (whether that's a new thing or have been struggling with) this program was designed specifically for you. You'll learn how to launch an online course successfully, and scale it using automation to generate scalable revenue in your business.

Influencers, Artists, Bloggers & Anyone Who Wants To Sell What They Know & Do

If you're an influencer, artist, blogger, or simply someone who loves the idea of helping others and selling digital training products to make $10k+ a month in revenue for your brand, then this program will show you how to get started, launch, and scale effectively... plus your audience will love learning from you!

And Here's Who Course LaunchersTM is NOT For:

You Won't Commit To Putting In The Work For Your Dreams

Don't join this program if you're going to do nothing with it. It's a waste of your time and money. I only want committed course creators joining who will use the knowledge inside and put it into practice so they get results. I'm here to help amazing people get amazing results, and don't want to waste my energy helping those who don't want to help themselves.

You're a Negative Nelly Who Likes To Complain & Won't Take Responsibility For Your Life

If you're going to be negative, complain, and bring destructive limiting beliefs into our community, I'd rather you go and firstly look for help about how you view the world. Our community is a positive hub of amazing people who are trying to create the best life they can and achieve their dreams; I care deeply about keeping it that way.

Here's A Recap Of Everything You Get:

When you join Course Launchers, you'll receive INSTANT ACCESS to everything inside our members learning hub, where you'll successfully launch and sell your online course!


Course Launchers Core 6 Modules Training & Workbooks covering the 4 phases every course creator needs to launch an online course that sells like crazy!


Support From Aaron & Access to the Private Facebook Group where you'll receive support, access bonus trainings, lives, Q&A's, and more!


Free Lifetime Updates of Course Launchers: including any updates, new templates, workbooks, bonuses, and trainings.


The Live Tech & Tools Video Walkthrough Training Bundle to successfully add more revenue and scalability to your business through funnel automation!


The 300 Marketing Power Words Book to level up your copyrighting game and increase conversions in your marketing materials.


Google Analytics Video Training For Course Creators where you'll learn how to track & report your business inside and out: so you can scale fast and make logic driven decisions that matter!


And Everything Else... You'll get bonus behind the scenes videos of Aaron's business, direct support from Aaron, plus so much more!

This combined is well over $4,979 in value! And you can get it all for just $97 today.

Enroll in Course Launchers Today

6 Monthly Payments of $97

(Just $97 Today ONLY)

Still have questions? I've got you personally covered! Shoot me an email with your question(s) to and I'll respond as soon as possible.

Now it's your Turn...

Ready to add more revenue to your monthly income & build Your Dream Business?

Enroll in Aaron Ward's

Course Launchers

Easy Payment Plan

CL Plus

Work 1-on-1 with Aaron

(Only 4/10 Spots Left)

The 6 Video Training Modules ($1,997 Value)

7+ Step-by-Step Course Launch Execution Workbooks & Processes ($497 Value)

Tech & Tools Walkthrough Bonus Training Bundle ($3,997 Value)

Google Analytics Workshop Bonus Bundle ($597 Value)

300+ Copywriters Secret Marketing Power Words Bundle ($97 Value)

Facebook & Instagram Advertising Crash Course Bonus Bundle ($1,597 Value)

The YouTube Growth Bonus Bundle ($997 Value)

Private Facebook Community ($497 Value)

Yearly Direct Support From Aaron Ward ($997 Value)

6 Weeks of 1-to-1 Business & Course Launch Coaching with Aaron Ward

Access To Course Launchers VIP Message Chat

Join Course Launchers Today:

6 Monthly Installments of



Only 4 Spots Left, One Time Payment of



Course Launchers

Easy Payment Plan

The 6 Video Training Modules ($1,997 Value)

7+ Step-by-Step Course Launch Execution Workbooks & Processes ($497 Value)

Tech & Tools Walkthrough Bonus Training Bundle ($3,997 Value)

Google Analytics Workshop Bonus Bundle ($597 Value)

300+ Copywriters Secret Marketing Power Words Bundle ($97 Value)

Facebook & Instagram Advertising Crash Course Bonus Bundle ($1,597 Value)

The YouTube Growth Bonus Bundle ($997 Value)

Private Facebook Community ($497 Value)

Yearly Direct Support From Aaron Ward ($997 Value)

6 Weeks of 1-to-1 Business & Course Launch Coaching with Aaron Ward

Access To Course Launchers VIP Message Chat

6 Monthly Installments of



Course Launchers


Work 1-on-1 with Aaron

(Only 4/10 Spots Left)

The 6 Video Training Modules ($1,997 Value)

7+ Step-by-Step Course Launch Execution Workbooks & Processes ($497 Value)

Tech & Tools Walkthrough Bonus Training Bundle ($3,997 Value)

Google Analytics Workshop Bonus Bundle ($597 Value)

300+ Copywriters Secret Marketing Power Words Bundle ($97 Value)

Facebook & Instagram Advertising Crash Course Bonus Bundle ($1,597 Value)

The YouTube Growth Bonus Bundle ($997 Value)

Private Facebook Community ($497 Value)

Yearly Direct Support From Aaron Ward ($997 Value)

6 Weeks of 1-to-1 Business & Course Launch Coaching with Aaron Ward

Access To Course Launchers VIP Message Chat

Only 4 Spots Left, One Time Payment of



Have any questions before enrolling in Course LaunchersTM? Email and I'll be happy to answer them!

The A+ Guarantee That Lets You Feel Confident & Safe About Your Future's Investment

Because you've made it this far, you're most likely ready to commit to launching your online course and building your dream business.

But you may have two things on your mind:

  • Is Aaron the right person to help me?
  • Is my investment in Course Launchers the right one?

The only way to find out these answers is to join Course Launchers and see how truly transformational it is.

To make this easier for you, I've got a fantastic refund policy and guarantee to ensure you are happy with your purchase:

Join Course Launchers & Get 1 FULL Year To Test Drive Course Launchers

Course LaunchersTM includes a 1 year money-back satisfaction guarantee so that you can enroll with peace of mind knowing your investment isn't going to waste.

You have a whole 1 year to jump into the course, learn at your own pace, and have plenty of time to take action and see results from your course launch. Unlike other courses that give you only 14, 30, or rarely 60 days you won't feel rushed — and this shows how much I believe this product will help you succeed.

If for any reason you're not happy, you can request a refund by emailing Aaron at

"It only took 1 course sale to make my money back. I knew this when I originally enrolled which made it a no brainer for me to join."

The 1 year refund period also took the pressure off to rush through the lessons and set everything up compared to other courses teaching the same thing as you but only offering 30 or 60 days to do everything, which seemed impossible.

David Howgate · Video Editing For Business Owners

Designed To Make Your Investment Back... FAST

After you enroll it's simple:

You'll learn how to sell your course at $497.

This means you only need one sale to make back your investment in Course Launchers.


  • If you sell your course at $997, you've doubled your money from one sale.
  • If you sell your course at $1,997 (as some of our students do!) you will 4x your investment from one sale.

So you can probably image how much you'll get back after your first launch where most students generate 10+ customers from their first course launch within 3 months after joining.

And here's a secret:

All you need to do is make that first sale happen... and then you simply do it again!

Hey I'm Aaron Ward, I'll Be Your Instructor & Support Inside This Course

From 9-5 "I hate Mornings" Graphic Designer To "I'll Do It Whenever-I-Want" Online Coach & 6-figure Founder of Course Launchers.

Hey I'm Aaron Ward and you probably know me a little bit by now if you've made it to this page.

I love to share my experience, skills, and advice with other course creators and online coaches about successfully building their business fast with online courses and social media.

I've been doing this for over 4 years myself, and have built my business to consistent $20k+ months and 6 figure years... all whilst working with amazing people and not having to wake up at 8am any more... bless!

I genuinely believe that no sales hack or manipulative sales tactic (I'm looking at you fake countdown timers and not delivering on whats marketed) will ever help you. Instead I believe people buy because of who YOU are, and marketing is simply a tool to help prospects make the right decision if your paid products/services are right for them.

I created Course Launchers as a way to help committed coaches, new course creators, or struggling course creators who are finally ready to build a scalable and successful business teaching others using processes that are proven to work.

I've also had the pleasure to work with COMPANIES SUCHAS AS:

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The Most Asked Questions About Course Launchers... Answered!

Is this a live event? If yes, what are the dates and times?

Course Launchers is NOT a live event.

Course Launchers starts as soon as you enroll, all the content is available in an easy to access learning hub where you can access the core training, as well as the bonus bundles.

There is no start and end date, you can consume the course at your own pace.

I don't have a course idea yet, is this a problem?

Almost 90% of students who join Course Launchers don't have an idea about what course they're going to sell... they just know they want to sell one.

So you're not alone here!

In Course Launchers I walk you through the process and steps on how to find a homerun course idea that will work in the marketplace for where your audience is at (and if you don't know who you audience is yet... I show you how to discover who they will be too!)

I don't have a social media following or audience yet, is this a problem & will it effect my launch sales?

It's no problem at all!

In Course Launchers (Phase 2) I show you how to grow your audience using my content conversion system which will attract prospects fast and increase their awareness & need for your course... making your first launch highly successful.

Now yes, if you have 100k followers on a platform already, that's going to help: I can't lie about that and it's a no brainer that a larger audience = easier to sell.

However don't let that discourage you. I started at 0, all the big entrepreneurs you see online — guess what — started at 0!

In fact, about 8/10 students who join Course Launchers start with NO FOLLOWING or AUDIENCE and still pull 5 and 6 figure launches.

The best part is if you're starting from having no audience is that every new prospect you gain is NEW and EAGER to get help to achieve their goals.

This means that when you launch, your audience has a higher chance of converting into a customer, because they're ready and actively looking to get help.

Will there be any form of support from you or is it just video training only?

After you enroll you'll get support directly from me (Aaron Ward). You can ask questions in the Private Facebook Community, inside the course lessons comment section, or join in the live Q&A calls hosted by Aaron.

You'll find the support above and beyond, as often I will provide video feedback on your progress and in even hop on a free call if you're really stuck or unsure about your progress.

Is there a guarantee or refund option that comes with my purchase?

Yes you get a 1 year money back guarantee. You can join today, and for whatever reason you're not happy with the course, you can email for a full refund no questions asked.

I'm really bad at sticking with these things...I've joined other programs in the past but never do anything with them. I'm worried I'll invest and do the same with yours. Will anything help me take action?

The reality is I can't make you do something that you don't want to do. So the real question is DO YOU want to build a dream business selling online courses, helping others, and generating scalable income? If yes then great, do it!

Just like a personal trainer, I can show you how to do the pushups but I can't do them for ya. Inside Course Launchers I'll show you everything you need to be successful, I'll help you as much as possible through and roadblocks, but I can't launch the course for you.

In addition to this, I've also created schedules that you can follow along to make fantastic progress. These are split into two for different types of people:

Full Time: This schedule is for anyone who is ready to go full time and launch their course

Part Time: This schedule is perfect for someone who wants to go through the course, complete exercises, make progress...but has other obligations (work, family, etc...).

So there's no excuses to not succeed!

What tools or tech will I need after joining Course Launchers...and how much is this going to cost me?

If you want to run a business you'll be needing a few tools to do so. Inside the course you'll be recommend to have an email marketing tool and course hosting platform.

The price varies depending on the tools you pick from whats recommended (I include all options for different budgets), but expect anywhere between $75-$200 for both must have tools.

The good news is that Course Launcher members get exclusive bonuses and discounts for the tools I use to manage my business.

I'm feeling really lost about my niche and who I want to help, does Course Launchers include anything to help me get clear with this?

Yes Course Launchers includes inside of module one a step-by-step action plan on how to get crystal clear and confident behind who you're going to help and how you're going to help them. This is the core foundation to successfully launching and selling your online course, so you won't want to miss it!

Will I need to invest in Facebook advertising or something similar to successfully launch my course after joining Course Launchers?

You won't need to spend any money on advertising to successfully launch your online course. The whole program is focused around using social media channels to grow your audience and attract prospects. If you want to use advertising it is a separate bonus training bundle included with your purchase.

If you have have the capital to invest in advertising it will help you grow faster; that's the reality because you are literally paying for people to see your stuff, it's guaranteed. Therefore, advertising is something I recommend you do as your first re-investment back into your business after you debrief your first launch.

How long will it take for me to create my course and see sales?

I can't give you an exact answer for this due to all the variables at play, such as how much time will you work each day or week, do you have an extensive business background or are you brand new to marketing... the list goes on. HOWEVER, most students typically see their first customers purchasing their course on average at around 2.5 months after joining Course Launchers when they do their first launch.

I only just recently discovered you and I love what you're sharing, however I still feel a little worried and skeptical about this investment... how can I trust that this will work?

No problem what so ever! I wouldn't feel too confident giving my money to a random person online after only knowing them for a week or so.

What I suggest is that we jump on a free no-pressure call together. This call is simply a friendly chat where I can answer any questions you may have. I won't be trying force sell you, instead I'd love for us to just get to know each other better. Then after the call you can choose to enroll or move on.

To book a call, email me at

I have another question, can I contact you?

Yes of course! Please email me at and I'll be happy to help.

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