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The Simple Course Launch System That Gets You Profitable Fast

Course LaunchersTM is a proven way to learn how to create, launch, and sell an online course — trusted by 100+ students.

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A profile picture of Luis Duplat: a student of Startup Courses

"Pay attention to what Aaron recommends. I've been pre-launching my Dental Marketing Course these last 10 days, and so far I've made 15 sales totaling $7,455!"

Luis Naranjo Duplat · Founder at Smile Consulting

It's time to turn your course idea into a reality!

Course Launchers is a simple and easy to implement step-by-step training program that helps you successfully launch your first online course.

Why is it that some course creators are wildly successful, and others fail — even though they use the same plan, tools, and systems?

The short answer is that if your offer and marketing skills suck, no amount of traffic, tool, or hack will help you get sales.

The reality is that no '7 figure funnel' or 'traffic hack' will help you sell something people don't want...

...and even if your offer is irresistible, you ain't gonna make sales if you can't even communicate your course's value in the first place.

The idea of using a '7 figure funnel' without a good offer is like being given a race car, but not knowing how to drive.

This is why Course Launchers is different:

Course Launchers cuts through the noise and gives you a proven plan, the marketing skills, and action tasks to create, launch, and sell a profitable online course — without the gimmicks.

What exactly is Course LaunchersTM?

Video training for launching, selling and scaling an online course

Course Launchers is an online course that gives you the skills, plan, tools, and strategies to successfully launch an online course.

It consists of 6 modules and tons of bonus training for important business growth aspects (such as traffic acquisition and analytic reporting) that don't quite align to the main course-launching objective, but are still important.

There's no time-wasting inside the course, you'll jump directly into in-depth and actionable training with exercises and tasks to get you to the results you want quickly.

Dedicated yearly support from Aaron as you launch your course and scale

Going above and beyond is my style when it comes to helping you get your course launch off the ground.

I deeply care for your success when you join this program, and I don't rest until you see digits showing on your sales report.

The support for members includes our private Facebook group (post questions or join in with our Live Q&A's), video or audio feedback on your progress, and in those rare cases I'll jump on a quick free call to help you out.

Training that gives you lifetime marketing skills to sell and launch any product

Course Lauchers isn't some 'here's the stuff — good luck you'll never hear from me again!' training program.

You'll will learn to align your beliefs, thoughts, and actions to those of a 6+ figure entrepreneur — so that you can make your own decisions within your business, and feel as though you're in the driver's seat instead of aimlessly copying and pasting some funnel, sales page, or copy.

If you want to earn over 6+ figures within your business, you need to start thinking like and acting like a 6+ figure CEO.

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A deeper look at Course LaunchersTM modules

Click each module to explore what's inside the training

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The 6 Figure Mindset Transformation

This module transforms you from the employee way of thinking into the shoes of a 6+ figure entrepreneur.

You'll learn how to remove any self doubt, perfectionism, and worry from your business, so that you can start making the decisions and do the actions of a successful course creator.

In addition to this, you'll create a plan on how you (the CEO) want to launch your course. There are plenty ways to launch a course, and the best way is by using a plan that feels right and fits your personality/style.

You'll be guided through the process of making this plan, which will serve as the foundation as you move into the core training.

Module 1

Crafting Your Irresistible Online Course Offer

No one wakes up and wants to buy an online course, they want to buy a tangible outcome that improves their life. This module shows you how to dive deep into your prospects mind, to uncover what it truly is that they desire.

You'll discover the 7 key steps of an irresistible offer and start to craft your own, so that when it comes time to putting it in front of your audience, they can't resist but to say "yes this is exactly for me, sign me up!"

This will serve as your online course idea, and be the driving force for your marketing when it is time to launch in the next modules.

Module 2

Developing Your Free Offer & Attracting Leads

By now you've developed a plan and crafted an offer. It's time to get the right people acquainted with your brand so that you can put your offer in front of them.

This module walks you through the step-by-step system to creating a high converting lead magnet (free offer such as a video series) and how to create material within that free offer to convert visitors into buyers.

This is a key step in the process of launching your online course, which happens in Module 3.

Module 3

Executing Your First Successful Course Launch

In this module you'll be thrown into the drivers seat of your first course launch — specifically the 'pre-launch'. You'll be promoting your offer to your new leads and prospects to see if they desire what you're selling.

This strategy is foolproof and guarantees you don't waste time and money creating a product no one wants.

The good news: if you follow along with the previous modules you'll see students purchasing your course before you've even hit record!

Module 4

Creating Your Result Generating Online Course

It's finally time to create your online course! You've just completed your first launch and generated sales — it's time to deliver on what you promised.

You'll learn the quick and easy way to make result generating lessons that accompany your course layout that you learned how to design in Module 1.

In addition to this, you'll learn the best way to start generating student reviews, testimonials and case studies so that you can start generating passive-income from your automated sales machine that you build in Module 5.

Module 5

Building Your Automated Course Sales Machine

You've done an incredible job so far by launching and creating your online course — your students are happy but it's time to get more!

This module shows you how to build your automated sales machine, so you don't have to manually launch your course every time you want to generate income (although you now have the skills to do so and can if you wish!)

You'll learn how to setup and build a funnel that attracts quality leads step-by-step with live walkthroughs — plus get insightful conversion optimization strategies to boost your lead and sale conversion rates for increased revenue per lead.

In addition, the bonus module on Facebook & Instagram Advertising along with Google Analytics Reporting accompanies this module tremendously.

Take a look inside the course member area:

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Also included with your Course LaunchersTM enrollment

Private Facebook Community Group

Course Launchers has an amazing group of entrepreneurs, coaches, content creators, and course creators!

We all hang out together inside our private Facebook group which you'll get invited to after you enroll.

This group is the perfect place to meet new people, make connects, and get support from myself and others who can share from their own experience of launching their course.

Free Lifetime Updates & New Bonuses

Course Launchers constantly receives updates to improve the core training modules and lessons so that you can get results easier and even faster.

While the training doesn't get outdated, I constantly strive to teach the skills and processes inside in the most easy way to understand and implement.

In addition, new bonuses are frequently added to the course and you'll get these for completely free too (you'll be able to see the current bonuses down below).

"Course Launchers just got a new updateModule 3: Executing Your Course Launch has 4 new lessons inside covering advanced techniques."

What members of Course LaunchersTM are saying

A profile picture of Max Eleftherio: a student of Startup Courses

"I’ve learned how to build sales pages, grow my email list, and create profitable online courses thanks to Aaron."

Max Eleftherio · Digital Marketer For Fitness & Clothing Brands

A profile picture of Dominick Carney: a student of Startup Courses

"Just made my first automated course sale of $997 after completing Aaron's program and using his methods."

Dominick Carney · Founder at dominickcarney.com

A profile picture of Nicole Cesa: a student of Startup Courses

"I’m honestly so excited you created this course. I just did the market research task (I didn’t want to) but I decided to and realized how helpful that actually is. Thanks again for your help and thoughts, very much appreciated!"

Nicole Cesa · Functional Fitness Coach

A profile picture of Andre Savage: a student of Startup Courses

"I really appreciate you always keeping your courses up to date. Literally the only "guru" I've seen that is in it for the value more than the money."

Andre Savage · Founder at Savage Vibez

A profile picture of Julian Riise: a student of Startup Courses

"This is awesome stuff! The full transparency you pracise in this course really sets you out from the crowd! Thanks a lot, Aaron"

Julian Riise · Digital Entrepreneur

It gets even better with these free business transforming digital products

To help you get the most out of Course LaunchersTM, you'll get your hands on a variety of bonus masterclasses, training modules, and products to get you results quicker and easier


Bonus 1: Five Bonus Training Modules of Tool & Tech Setups + Walkthroughs

You'll get your hands on up-to-date walkthroughs that go step-by-step in real time, which guide you through using tools and tech necessary to launch your online course and run your business.

Value: $3,000+ if you paid for a consultant, external training, or hired someone to do the work for you.

Bonus 2: Google Analytics Setup, Conversion Tracking, and Reporting

Knowing your numbers within your business is important, and inside the core Course Launchers training you'll discover what numbers you need to track.

This bonus training module accompanies the core training and allows you to know how well your business is performing, whilst automatically generating and sending reports to keep you updated.

Value: $500+ if you hired a consultant or a freelancer.



Bonus 3: 300 Marketing Power Words Cheat Sheet

Nothing sucks more than writer's block, this cheat sheet of over 300 marketing power words will ensure you're capturing your audiences attention whilst boosting your conversions.

Value: $97

Bonus 4: Facebook & Instagram Advertising — Beginner To Power User

When the time is right, you'll want to invest back into your business and start driving more traffic towards your offer.

The best place to get started is with Facebook Advertising. This bonus module shows you how to track people who enter your funnel, so that you can re-target them. While at the same time creating capturing adverts to reach new potential buyers without any fancy camera equipment or scripts.

Value: $1,500+ if you hired a consultant or freelancer, or if you purchased an external training program.



[Coming Soon] Bonus 5: Future Proofed YouTube Growth Training

YouTube has been a game changer for course creators due to it being video content.

This bonus training shows you how to create a YouTube channel, rank for competitive search terms, and create + upload videos that drives traffic into your funnel.

Value: $700+ if you purchased an external training program or paid for one-on-one coaching.

This bonus is coming soon and will be available with your enrollment once released (the same applies for any new bonuses added to the course in the future).

Along with the Course LaunchersTM core training, you'll get instant access to over $5,797 in bonuses (plus free access to any bonuses released in the future!)

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The results Course LaunchersTM members are getting after enrolling

Dominick joined Course Launchers, followed the system inside, and gained his first sale — instantly gaining an ROI on his investment and setting him up for success...

Dominick continued to grow and reached his first $34,448+ month in course sales! It all started with the first sale above, which you too will see after joining Course Launchers

Michael used Course Launchers and the templates inside to generate his first sales for his music production course without having an audience... in fact his first sale was completely from cold traffic!

Luis recently joined Course Launchers and put the plan and strategies into action gaining him 7 sales which at the end of his first launch ended up being...

...over 15 pre-sales, totaling $7,455! That's $6,458 return on investment from when he purchased Course Lauchers, and hes continuing to make more sales.

Will you be a Course LaunchersTM success story?

Course LaunchersTM was previously called Startup Courses, therefore you may see some students refer to it as such

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Is resistance, self doubt, or perfectionism stopping you from getting started now?

I don't have an audience or list yet!

My course idea is already being sold by others!

What if no one shows up or doesn't buy!

I need to launch my website before I sell a course!

The time isn't good right now, I'll just wait until things are less busy!

I have no idea where to start or how to even sell an online course!

Course LaunchersTM has answers for all those "what ifs...", "buts...", and worries

The first step to success is to have your thoughts aligned to those of a successful person

Like most entrepreneurs I've experience the rainbow of self doubt, imposter syndrome, stress, and endless worry if things will work out.

The good news is you're not alone or different if you experience the same or similar thoughts and feelings listed above.

Inside Course Launchers you'll learn how to overcome these thoughts and remove perfectionism that paralyzes your growth.

If your thoughts and beliefs don't align to the goals you want, you'll never achieve them — this can be a tough pill to swallow.

For example, if you believe that you're course launch won't be successful, how do you think that'll impact the plan you use, the strategy and actions you take, and ultimately results you get?

Course Launchers training is fantastic, but what's even better is the active and loving community of other entrepreneurs launching their courses that you'll be surrounded by.

You'll never be left alone or have to worry about things not working out because myself, and plenty of others will be rooting for you to win and push you past those uncomfortable moments!

Join 100% Risk Free

Your 1 Year A+ Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Course LaunchersTM includes a 1 year money-back satisfaction guarantee so that you can enroll with peace of mind knowing your investment isn't going to waste. You have a whole 1 year to jump into the course, learn at your own pace, and have plenty of time to take action and see results from your course launch. Unlike other courses that give you only 14, 30, or rarely 60 days you won't feel rushed — and this shows how much I believe this product will help you succeed. If for any reason you're not happy, you can request a refund by emailing Aaron.

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Who Course LaunchersTM is for

The Do Good-er

If you're someone who cares about helping others and stopping at no ends until they see results, you'll be a fantastic fit for both the training inside Course Launchers, and the community of others inside. If you care about helping others first, there's no doubt that you'll have a successful course launch.

The Awesome Coach

If you've been helping people in the past by coaching them, but want to start doing less done-for-you or one-on-one work... then Course Launchers is for you because you'll learn how to create a product that still delivers your knowledge and helps clients get results, but in a way that allows you to scale and generate passive income.

The Creator

If you're a blogger, YouTuber, influencer, or someone with an audience that wants to start earning income whilst providing lots of value to your audience, then Course Launchers is a perfect fit because you'll be able to create an online course that helps your followers improve their lives whilst learning from their fave person (you!).

Who Course LaunchersTM is NOT for

The Tire Kicker

If you're someone who doesn't like to take action and loves to ask 1,000 questions and never do anything, then Course Launchers is not for you. Creating a course requires action taking and risk: that's the most fun part about it — it's an adventure that can be life changing.

The Negative Nelly

If you're someone who likes to complain or thinks the world is out against you, then you won't be a good fit for Course Launchers. Inside Course Launchers our community has a 0 tolerance for complaining or negativity. Launching a course requires a positive attitude, and we welcome anyone who wants to have fun whilst building their business.

The Non Action Taker

If you're someone who likes to join training programs, watch it, and never do anything with it...then this program isn't a good fit. I'd rather you not waste your money or time just to have the feel good 'training high'. Course Launchers rewards those who take action and who want to make a difference — It may sound mean, but I only want to work and share my expertise with those who will use it effectively.

Hey I'm Aaron Ward, the creator & instructor inside of Course Launchers...

I set out to help those struggling with The Modern Day Course Creator Conundrum

There's so many incredible people who want to do good in the world by educating others and helping them achieve incredible goals or outcomes.

The problem however is that most of us course creators usually have an incredible product, but don't know how to get it in the hands of those that need it most.

This was me back in 2017 after I just launched my first online course.

After 4 years of struggling, learning, and being sucked into the rabbit hole of internet marketing junk...

...I was spat out the other side with one realization:

No 7 figure funnel, get rich quick, traffic hack, or marketing magic trick will help you sell something people don't want.

Essentially even if your product is amazing, but your messaging about that product is wrong: no one will buy.

That's why I created Course Launchers — to help those who want to successfully craft an irresistible offer, create an incredible course product, and launch it into the world with profitable success...

...all without the gimmicky or nonsense marketing.

I've also had the pleasure to work with and be featured for brands including:

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Course Launchers Training

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5 x One Hour Coaching Calls To Provide Direct Support & Advice During Your Course Development

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Learning Package

Course Launchers Training

Yearly Dedicated Support

Free Bonuses (Valued $4,995)

1 Year Guarantee (Full Money Back Satisfaction)

5 x One Hour Coaching Calls To Provide Direct Support & Advice During Your Course Development

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Want to make sure Course LaunchersTM is right for you? Email aaron@aaronward.com and I'll be happy to answer any questions you have!

Course Launchers Frequently Asked Questions

When is the start date for Course Launchers?

Course Launchers starts as soon as you enroll. All the lessons, downloads, and bonuses are ready for you to access. There is no 'official' start date or end date. You can consume the course at your own pace.

What support do I get after enrolling?

After you enroll you'll get support directly from me, Aaron Ward. You can ask questions in the Private Facebook Group, inside the course itself, or join in the live Q&A calls hosted by Aaron.

You'll find the support above and beyond, as often I will provide video feedback on your progress and in rare cases hop on a free call if you're really stuck or unsure about your progress.

Is there a guarantee with my purchase?

Yes you get a 1 year money back guarantee. You can join today, and for whatever reason you're not happy with the course, you can email aaron@aaronward.com for a full refund no questions asked.

What tools will I need to invest in after joining?

If you want to run a business you'll be needing a few tools to do so. Inside the course you'll be recommend to have an email marketing tool and course hosting platform.

The price varies depending on the tools you pick from whats recommended (I include all options for different budgets), but expect anywhere between $75-$200 for both must have tools.

The good news is that Course Launcher members get exclusive bonuses and discounts for the tools I use to manage my business.

I don't have a niche yet. I still want to create a course does this matter?

If you don't have a niche no problem. Inside Course Launchers there is a hidden bonus masterclass that shows you how to pick your niche, and become a leader in the space.

Will I need to invest money into other training or adverts for this to work?

You won't need to spend any money on external training or advertising for this to work. I originally built my business to 6 figures without running a single advert.

I will however say, if you have money to invest in advertising you will love the bonus module that shows you how to generate converting traffic from Facebook. Once again, this isn't required but like anything, investing in your business will help you grow.

How long will it take for me to see results?

This is an open ended answer due to all the variables at play so I can't give you a straight answer. From previous students though, typically the see their first pre-launch sales happening within 3 months after enrolling.

I have another question, can I contact you?

Yes of course! Please email me at aaron@aaronward.com and I'll be happy to help.