Aaron's Frequently Asked Questions

Everyday I get questions that come up often. So to make sure you get your answers as fast as possible, I created this frequently asked question section for you.

Aaron Ward looking left

General Questions

Do you have a coaching program?

I sure do! You can find all the details here on my Coaching Page.

Are you available for guest appearances or events?

Yes I love working with other fun smarty pants. Please contact me to discuss your event or guest appearance :)

Will you help me with X, or can you show me Y for free?

As much as I want to help everyone to my best ability, I'm restricted to only 24 hours a day. What I suggest is that you visit my YouTube channel for my awesome free content, or alternatively join my free online course training. Or if you want my best information to fast-track you, join one of my paid online courses.

Website Questions

How did you create aaronward.com?

My site is built and hosted using Webflow — A Responsive Web Design Tool. Personally I can't believe I spent years on WordPress never knowing that this tool existed. Webflow is a game changer once you dive into their university and get comfortable with the interface.

Which website hosting company do you use?

My site is hosted with Webflow's hosting program.

Marketing Questions

Where can I find the tools you use to market and grow your business?

I have a complete list of tools and services I use on my resources page.

Online Course Questions

What platform do you use for your online courses?

I currently use Kajabi to host and sell my digital courses. You can get their free trial here.

I want to join one of your online courses, but I'm not sure it will help me?

Feel free to reach out to me at aaron@aaronward.com and we can jump on a free call to discuss your enrollment :)

Do your online courses really help? I've taken others and they kinda sucked...

If they didn't help I wouldn't be selling them. I get it though, I've joined plenty of terrible online courses myself. Sometimes I question how people charge so much for such a poor experience and information you can easily get for free. Personally, I'm on a mission to change the standard of online teaching. That's why:

My online courses will 100% help you as it's my experience and knowledge packaged into a step-by-step process designed to get you results. As you'll learn with building your own online coaching business selling digital products, results for your customers matter the most; they translate into raving reviews which helps your business grow more.

Partnership Questions

Do you partner with brands or do promotions?

I love working with brands that help entrepreneurs effectively grow their business and get results. If this sounds like you then feel free to contact me about your offer. If it's the right fit and I believe it will be beneficial for myself and my audience more importantly, I'd love to help promote and be an ambassador for your company.