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Frequently Answered Questions

Do you do interviews, promotions, guest webinars and so on?

Yes. Please contact me to discuss further.

How can I contact you?

Please check out the FAQ first as you will find help much faster. Otherwise, visit my contact page. Also you can find lots of help on my blog, YouTube channel or this FAQ.

Will you help me do XYZ for free?

As much as I want to help you, I am a very busy person. You can find my free tutorials on my blog and YouTube channel. Otherwise I offer paid coaching here.

Can I be an affiliate for your online courses?

100%! You can see my affiliate program and information on the affiliate page here.

Why doesn't your Instagram account exist any more?

It was banned. I was actively promoting Instagram automation on it and doing around 1,500 follows/unfollows per day which is way too much. I'm surprised it lasted for so long.

I don't teach these methods in my tutorials or courses, so your account will be safe. I was pushing it too far as it was a demo account with 3 posts that I didn't care about.

Do you offer Jarvee/Instagram coaching or help?

I sure do. You can find out more about my coaching packages here.

I'm shadow banned on Instagram. Help!

You're not shadow banned. Instagram doesn't show you your own posts. It's algorithm shows you content it thinks you will like. There are also a lot of bugs on the platform which can cause posts to not show. And finally, it a hashtag has been receiving reports, your posts won't show up.

Do you have a course that covers Jarvee and Instagram?

Jarvee — I am getting like/follow blocks, how do I fix this?

Stop the tool for at least 2 days—this removes the block.

Increase your delays between likes to 120-180 seconds—blocks typically happen because you were doing likes too quickly and need to slow things down.

Also turn off like after follow OR increase the delay from 10-20 to 30-60 (warning: doing this will reduce your daily follows).

In addition, in Social Profiles > Your Instagram Profile > Show Advanced Settings > Enable use embedded browser to like when like blocked and follow blocked.

Finally, change your proxy as it could be causing the issue. Residential or 4G proxies work much better.

Jarvee — My proxies are not working, how do I fix them?

You will need to request new ones from your Proxy provider. If it's Jarvee related, contact their support team you are paying a monthly fee for them. In addition, I have a list of Instagram proxy providers here.

Jarvee — I'm getting errors (yellow or red 'i's in my tools module)?

Firstly, hover over the i next to your tool and read what it says.

Typically most problems can be solved by seeing what Jarvee says and recommends.

Blocks - Stop the tool/turn it off for at least 2 days. Then restart your settings from scratch (25-50 daily limit) and increase your delays by an extra 30 seconds (example: 55-75 seconds becomes 75-95 seconds). Also make sure you increase your like after follow delay from 10-20 seconds to 30-60 seconds (this will reduce your daily follow limit as an FYI).

No sources - Simply add more sources so Jarvee can find users. Or make your filters less strict.

No users to unfollow - There's just no one to unfollow at the moment. Pretty normal when starting off.

Jarvee — My Instagram account got suspended/banned, how do I get it back?

Follow this guide here, it will help you.

In addition, think of the reason why you got banned to avoid it happening again.

Typical reasons could be:

1. Being reported by other users
2. Your content is spam/offensive
3. Reposting without credditing original users/uploaders
4. Using aggressive automation settings (use my guides/courses for human settings)
5. You were spamming people via comments or direct messages
6. You were using a bad proxy
7. You used a VPS IP instead of a proxy
8. You purchased an account without a record of previous activity
9. You're just unlucky...it happens.

I've been using automation for four years, and don't run into issues. If you play it smart, act like a human when automating, add value to the Instagram platform (uploading great content) and don't spam, you should be fine.

In addition, it's best to automate 1-5 accounts on your home computer with your home IP address to not have problems at all.

Will you be making a Jarvee YouTube/Pinterest/Facebook etc... guide/course?

Unfortunately not. I don't use the tool for anything else other than Instagram and don't want to give false information.

Aaron can you help me with my Facebook Ads?

I definitely can!

However, I only have experience with re-targeting ads. I can help you with tracking users and building ads + a funnel.

If you are interested, you will need to book a coaching call with me.

How do you make money online Aaron?

My main income source is through my online courses.

I also earn money though affiliation with products I use and recommend.

Coaching/consultation is also another income source. However, I try to not engage in it a lot as it is trading time for money.

And finally I do freelance work such as web design/development, motion design and branding. Once again, not as much as it is trading time for money and I prefer creating passive income sources!

How can I get started? How do I start making money online?

I'm a strong believer in creating a business which:

a) Is impactful — meaning you are helping others with a problem they have. A.k.a making other peoples lives better.

b) Generates you passive income — meaning you work really hard in the beginning, put in lots of hours, and eventually it starts generating you money whilst you enjoy life.

To do this I recommend you:

1. Figure out what you are good at. You don't need to be a pro, simply know more then someone else in a subject you are interested in.

2. Start helping people for free. You are going to make nothing in the beginning. That's life, it's just how it works. Instead focus on building an audience who loves what you do. Success comes from others loving what you do as they will want to support you (through purchasing products).

- This could be through making a website where you can write blog posts to teach people a tip or skill in your subject

- Or YouTube videos (recommended) that demonstrate how to do XYZ

Seriously, check out the comments on this video about how much people love awesome free and helpful videos: Canon 80D - Auto Focus - Part 1.

People are jumping at his free content and someone even mentions "I would love to be able to purchase these tutorials on a DVD so I can watch them at any time and anywhere." This is a huge opportunity to make an online course!

And it gets better because:

Whilst you do this, you may be recommending people to use a product or service — Take a look if that business has an affiliate program so you start earning commission on the side for recommending them.

3. As time goes on, people will be asking you questions and even saying they want a product from you. This is when you can create an online course and easily charge upwards of $127+ per sale.

You can find a lot more information about this on my blog.

What tool do you use for Instagram automation?

Jarvee — Easy to use and has all the tools you could imagine.

What tool do you use for email marketing?

Convertkit — dead easy, great price and integrates with almost everything.

What tool do you use for creating your online courses?

Teachable — Super easy, secure and works great with the 0% fee custom payment gateways (PayPal + Stripe).

I also use Webflow to create my custom sales pages. I copy and paste the Webflow generated HTML/CSS code to a custom teachable HTML/CSS block.

How do you record your YouTube videos or online course videos?

I use OBS Studio — it's free, easy to setup and allows for different elements on your screen at once, such as my screen and webcam.

How did you create this website, aaronward.com?

Webflow — pretty much unheard of but it's like WordPress for designers. It has a solid CMS, incredible design flexibility, no coding knowledge required (although it does help naturally...). Either way, I recommend you give it a try!

What do you use for finances?

Quickbooks Online — Super easy to use once you start playing around and generate a plan of how you want to track expenses. In addition, most accountants are trained to use Quickbooks so it makes things easier for both of you.