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Turn Your Instagram Profile into a Follower & Customer Generating Machine

A Step-By-Step Course to Master Instagram Marketing Strategies, Boost Follower Growth, Increase Engagement, and Gain Customers.

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Sai Javid, a student of Aaron Ward's Instagram Masterminds online course

This course is worth its weight in gold as it helped me take out a lot of the guess work, and took me from zero understanding of using Instagram marketing systems to a very high level. Thanks Aaron!

Sai Javid · Social Media Marketing Agency Owner

Instagram Masterminds is a step-by-step training which power-charges your growth, by giving you easy to apply strategies & processes

"Instagram Masterminds is the first course that makes sense, isn't some basic level knowledge, and has proven to get me results across multiple profiles"

Instagram Masterminds is a 5 module online course that gives you the skills, tools, and strategies turning your Instagram profile into a follower and customer generating machine.

Inside you'll get access to a secure members area, with step-by-step video tutorials and lessons that walk you through everything you need to be successful on Instagram.

"Incredible support from Aaron for those Instagram questions you always have"

Along with the core training Instagram Masterminds provides, you'll get yearly support from Aaron to answer any of your Instagram related questions.

Inside the course you'll have access to the members area comments, along with our Facebook group where you'll find myself and many members active daily inside.

Here's whats inside Instagram Masterminds

Click on a module to explore each section of the course

Module 1

Decoding The Instagram Algorithm

Knowing how Instagram functions is the key to your success.

Once you're aware of what the algorithm wants you can start creating a plan of how you will 'please' it. In doing so, you'll get free exposure and features which results in massive organic growth.

This module goes over real research released by the development team at Instagram, and distills it into simple and actionable information you can use to your advantage.

Module 2

Optimizing & Connecting Your Profile To The Algorithm

After learning how the algorithm functions in module one, you will move onto learn strategies of how to connect and optimize your profile so that the algorithm recognizes your profile as a topical authority.

By doing so, you'll start to be featured as a suggested user, reach the top hashtag spots quicker, and have your content placed on the explore page.

This leads to massive momentum and growth moving forward.

Module 3

Mastering Engaging Content Creation

In this module you'll be given a process for creating content that your audience wants. The biggest mistake between a successful profile and one that stays under 1,000 followers forever is...the content.

Ensuring you're delivering content that captures your audiences attentions, creates a response, and increases retention on the platform are critical to boosting your posts to be seen by existing followers and new potential ones.

Module 4

Building Your Customer Attraction Funnel

As you start to see your following grow and engagement skyrocket, you'll want to start taking your followers off of Instagram and putting them into your business ecosystem.

In more simple terms, you'll learn how to turn your followers into leads and customers for your business.

Getting people to 'leave' the platform can be tricky, but Instagram Masterminds gives you simple to use strategies which create a consistent flow of traffic resulting in growth for your business.

Module 5

Authentic Automation For Maximum Growth Momentum

Finally, to put all the pieces together you'll learn how to automate your Instagram marketing so you can spend time on other important parts of your business (or life!).

This module covers white-hat methods on automating your profile without running any risk of it being compromised or penalized by the algorithm.

You'll learn what the best tools are to use, how to set them up, and how to analyze and report on data to make the correct marketing decisions moving forward.

Here's a look directly inside the course

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Over $2,595+ in bonuses included

To help you get results quicker, and ensure you don't need to invest in other programs, I've packaged these awesome bonuses into the course

Bonus #1: $500+ Value

Private Facebook Group Access (Networking & Peer Support)

Instagram Masterminds has an incredible community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are by your side to support and provide insights from their own personal experience on Instagram: you'll get instant (optional) access to this group.

In addition, I'm inside their daily to answer any questions you have.

Value explained: While Facebook groups are technically free, the wealth of information, support, and networking opportunities are endless inside and are well worth over $500.

Bonus #2: $295+ Value

Downloadable Templates (Posts, Stories, Bios, Captions, etc...)

To get you up and running quickly, you'll get access to a suite of downloads that vary from caption templates, stories designs, highlight covers, and more.

Value explained: Easily $295+ if you purchased these templates off a market place or paid a freelancer to design them for you.

Bonus #3: $1,000+ Value

Instagram Advertising on a Budget Workshop

Advertising on Instagram (and Facebook) can drive incredible results for your business if done right. Most people are scared of advertising on Instagram, so it's easy to stand out on a low budget!

This workshop shows you how to setup your advertising account, use pixel data tracking, and how to create and publish high performing ads that generate you followers, leads, and customers.

Value explained: Easily $1,000+ if you paid for a consultant or agency to setup adverts for you whilst still not knowing what to do.

Bonus #4: $300+ Value

Advanced Instagram Automation Workshop

You can't deny that Instagram is a huge time consumer, thats why you'll get access to this multi-video workshop that shows you how to automate almost any Instagram activity that is vital to your growth.

You'll learn how to automate hashtag research and analytics, how to schedule and upload content, plus so much more.

Value explained: This would be $300+ if you paid for a freelancer to setup the automation for you, and not to mention any requests to change things.

Bonus #5: $500+ Value

Google Analytics + Instagram Reporting & Setup Training Workshop

Knowing how well your Instagram marketing and growth strategies are performing is important for making key decisions as you move forward.

This bonus training workshop consists of video tutorials that show you how to setup Google Analytics to track how well your links perform, and how much leads or customers your converting.

Value explained: This would cost $500+ if you paid for a consultant, external training, or hired someone to do the work for you.

What Instagram Masterminds students say about this insta-changing program

Yes a million times to the question whether you should join Instagram Masterminds or not! I loved all your free YouTube videos and knew that your paid content would be a no brainer. It's great how detailed you get about the algorithm and I applied your advice straight away after we talked in the FB group. Boom: 800+ followers this week! Seriously awesome course and support (much better than others I've bought). Guys join this if you haven't already and want to grow fast as Aaron is clearly in this to help and not trying to make a quick buck.

Ken Rogers

I've taken a few Instagram courses over the past year and this one by far is the best. Your straight forward approach without the hype is what really stood out to me. I've put your lessons into effect and have already seen great results this week.

John Lauer

Aaron is very knowledgeable about Instagram and it shows inside his Masterminds program. As a business owner struggling originally to gain followers and make sales I just wanted something that worked and wouldn't be a full time job. The approach Aaron teaches is super simple, applicable, and doesn't sugar-coat anything. Do what he says and you'll see the results!

Tammy Jones

Aaron's been insanely helpful towards my accounts growth. The Mastermind course really opens the doors to how Instagram works and how you can easily use that knowledge to growing your followers. In the past week you can see I gained 476 followers which is much better than my original 50ish per week.

James Williamson

Course is amazing, already seeing a huge leap in engagement on my posts, here's a screenshot I took from the flick tool you recommended. You can see my likes are above 3k with my average engagement up at around 8% which is awesome. Still working on getting it right but so far so good. Thanks aaron.

Sophia Forner

Join Instagram Masterminds Absolutely Risk Free!

Included: 3 Month Money Back Guarantee

Instagram Masterminds includes a full 3 month money back guarantee. This ensures you have plenty of time to go through the course (which should take less than two weeks) and actively implement the strategies, processes, and skills while having more than enough time to see results this training will give you. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase then no problem, you can get a full refund with no questions asked.

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Who is Instagram Masterminds for?

Coaches & Agency Owners

If you're looking to reach and get your services in the hands of paying clients, then you'll be a great fit as you'll learn how to get in front of your demographic, and effectively put your offers in front of them without being too salesy.

Entrepreneurs With a Personal Brand

If you want to promote your brand and get your products in front of more people, whilst building a community of fans who share and love what you do (whether you're an artist, thought leader, or expert) then you'll be a great fit for Instagram Masterminds as that's exactly what the program teaches you do to!

Small Business Owners

If you're looking to build brand awareness and generate converting traffic that increases revenue growth within your business, then this course is a great fit as you'll discover what content drives sales and invokes action, whilst still building a community around your brand.

Who is Instagram Masterminds NOT for?

The Lazy Larry

If you're someone who likes to join trainings and never do anything with the information, save your money. Instagram Masterminds is built for people who want results and are ready to put in the work. Inside our Facebook group we have a 0 tolerance for negativity or laziness.

The Know It All

If you think you know everything there is to know about Instagram and don't believe that this course will help you, then don't enroll. Instagram Masterminds takes a different approach to other training programs, as it dives deep into the algorithm and the machine learning that runs it. Everything inside is strategies created from deep research on the platform, and six years of testing. It works, but if you don't believe it will...then that will reflect in your results.

I'm Aaron Ward, I'll be your coach inside of Instagram Masterminds!

I've been actively helping entrepreneurs and brands crush it on Instagram so that they can drive results that matter most for their business.

For over 6+ years I've done it all on Instagram — from using bots in 2015 to now focusing on meaningful brand awareness and growth, I'm here to help others by sharing what I've learned...and what most importantly works.

The reality is that the online world is becoming more and more noisy, with everyone fighting for the limited attention their customers have.

By thinking differently, and having a plan which both meets the criteria of what Instagram's algorithm and your audience want... you can shift into the fast lane and overtake everyone fighting it out using old outdated strategies.

I look forward to having you join me inside Instagram Masterminds, as I know the information, just like it has for over 1,000+ other business owners, will help you get your message and impactful products into the hands of the right people.

Over the past few years, I've had the pleasure to work with brands and be featured on companies such as

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Still feeling stuck or unsure? Here's what could be holding you back from that breakthrough:

If you're not meeting the most basic criteria of what your audience wants, and what Instagram promotes... you'll be stuck forever.

Growth hacks are BAD for your trust score, and they're excuses for avoiding the fundamentals

Why is it that some people get massive growth on Instagram, and others barely gain a few followers a month?

Well it ain't the "latest growth hack"...

...or using bots and other black-hat growth methods (Instagram quickly picks up on this and penalizes your profile fast).

And it 100% isn't buying followers at $50 a pop for 1,000 fake accounts that will never engage or buy from you.

Instead, you need to master two fundamentals:

  • Being optimized for the Instagram algorithm
  • Creating for the consumer (the person who sees your stuff)

The reality is, Instagram ain't rocket science or complicated: it's a platform for sharing pictures and videos at it's primary level.

But you must be able to get in front of people, and more importantly grab their attention when you have the chance to do so: there's a lot of content fighting for everyone's attention, and you need to stand out from the crowd...

Instagram's Algorithm doesn't know you exist

Instagram is a business — the bottom line is that they want to generate revenue. If you don't help them do this, then they don't care about you.

The way Instagram generates revenue is through displaying advertisements across their platform.

The more ads they show to their users in a day, the more revenue they make.

The way they show more ads is by keeping people more active on the platform, and to keep users more active they put the right profiles and content of interest in front of them.

Therefore, your profile MUST be aligned with what the algorithm knows is demanded by your demographic (it's one heck of a smart piece of machine learning you can't fight).

Instagram Masterminds shows you how to quickly and easily align your profile to what the algorithm wants, so you become verified as an authority in your topic/niche...

...which results in tons of traffic from the explore page, hashtags, and being constantly featured in the recommended users tabs.

Your profile needs to be optimized for the algorithm, as it wants to promote profiles which increase it's bottom-line KPI: revenue.

Are you creating content your audience actually wants, or what you think they want? It's a fine line, but it's key for your success on the platform.

Instagram is content-noisy, and you haven't cut through it yet

At the end of the day you're convincing real humans to follow you — that digital number is a real human being who has limited time and attention with the endless noise in the online world.

So you must firstly be able to stop and grab their attention, and then con

While this may sound hard, and even stressful, it's in fact very easy to do because...

...while Instagram is highly saturated with profiles all in the same niche, the difference between a bad profile and a profile people can't resist to stop, explore, and follow is minimal.

It's down to creating content your audience cares about, and makes them feel part of something bigger (biologically we are hardwired to be in a community).

Instagram Masterminds shows you how to discover the content your audience wants, and how to create content that attracts followers, insights engagement, and provokes action to turn views into customers.

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Complete video review of your Instagram profile by Aaron

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Want to make sure Instagram Masterminds is right for you? Email and I'll be happy to answer any questions you have before enrolling!

Instagram Masterminds FAQ

When does Instagram Masterminds start and finish?

The course is 100% pre-recorded and will be instantly available for you to watch. Therefore, you can create your own schedule and learn at your own pace.

What makes this different than other Instagram courses?

Most other courses either teach you 'growth hacks' which damage your profiles trust score, or leave you short by only teaching you one core strategy, such as only using hashtags.

Instead Instagram Masterminds takes a holistic and researched approach to sustainable growth on the platform so that you succeed today, and in 5+ years from now.

I've spent over 6 years helping hundreds of businesses and entrepreneurs nail their growth and marketing on Instagram by teaching proven methods (that don't die out in a few weeks) which favor both what the algorithm and your audience wants.

Do I get support if I have questions or get stuck?

Yes you will get access to our members Facebook group where you can ask questions and get direct responses from myself and other members. If Facebook isn't your thing then you also have access to our comment section inside the course.

Is there a guarantee with my purchase?

Yes you get a 3 month money back guarantee. You can join today, and for whatever reason you're not happy with the course, you can email for a full refund no questions asked.

Do I need to purchase any tools or training after enrolling?

No you won't need to purchase any tools or training after you enroll, all the processes and strategies use free methods or tools. You can however choose to invest in payment packages for certain tools, however that is not required and won't limit your results.

Do I need to invest in advertising for this to work?

No you will not need to purchase any form of advertising to see growth or results.

I just want to gain followers and increase engagement, will this course do that?

Yes Instagram Masterminds will definitely help you do just that, and even inspire you to turn your growth into revenue if you don't already have a business, or set you up to be ready to launch a product to an engaged audience when the time is right.

How long does it take to see results?

There are so many variables when it comes to Instagram (your niche, content, starting followers, effort, activity, etc...) so I can't promise anything like 10,000 followers in 30 days. However, within a week you will see results happening for your profile in terms of increased reach, follower growth, and increased engagement... if you follow the strategies and processes inside this training.

I have another question, can I contact you?

Yes of course! Please email me at and I'll be happy to help.

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