Aaron Ward's Go-To & Recommended Business Tools To Earn More

Here's a list of the tools I use everyday to continuously grow and scale my business. If you're just getting started with your own business and want the best tools for the job, or are looking for the next thing to help you scale, this list will help.

Aaron Ward Business Tools

Website Builder

What I'm Using:



Webflow is by far the best website building tool for creating a blog, landing page, or sales pages. Forget using WordPress, as this is the future.

With Webflow you get full control over your website, and you can virtually build anything. In addition, they have lightening fast hosting, a secure backend, and solutions for blog and eCommerce CMS's.

With Webflow, while you don't have to code anything, you do need to understand how to structure HTML correctly and have knowledge of how CSS works to build your website. The good news is that whether you have HTML/CSS knowledge or not, Webflow has incredible free courses and a massive library of high quality tutorials which you can find over at their Webflow University.

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Landing Pages

While I use Webflow for building my landing pages, I highly recommend using a landing page builder if you are not comfortable with using a tool like Webflow where you need HTML and CSS structure knowledge.

What I recommend:



Unbounce is my second recommendation for creating optimized landing and sales pages. They have amazing templates, A/B testing, built in conversion analytics, and much more.

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What I recommend as an alternative:



LeadPages is my final recommendation for a landing and sales page builder. They include A/B testing, analytics, popular templates optimized for conversions and more.

While they lack a few features that InstaPage and Unbounce have, they're a great entry point due to the lowest pricing. However, consider if the pricing difference is worth the hassle if or when you want to upgrade later to a different tool such as InstaPage.

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InstaPage is the premium tool when it comes to building landing and sales pages. It contains every feature you could want: including A/B split testing, built in analytics, templates, and more.

This is my #1 recommendation for my clients.

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Sell Digital Products

What I'm Using:



Kajabi is my new go-to platform to sell digital products online. I love how you can build marketing funnels (called Pipelines in Kajabi) and do automated cart abandonment emails. Plus their interface is beautiful and gives your customers a great experience.

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What I Previously Used (Before Kajabi)



Teachable was my go-to for creating, hosting and selling online courses before I moved to Kajabi. They've got a great customer support, frequently release updates to help creators, and make the learning experience seamless for your students. The reason I switched was because Kajabi offered a better interface, and more advanced features.

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Alternative Option



I've seen a lot of course creators use Podia to host and sell their courses with. A few of my business friends have recommended it as a cheap option to get started with if budgeting is an issue. I however have no experience with this platform.

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Email Marketing

What I'm Using:



Drip is now my current email marketing tool which I moved to after using Active Campaign for over a year. I made this switch because Drip firstly is ecommerce focused and gives you the tools to help your business grow.

Secondly it was cheaper and included features that I would have had to pay more for using ActiveCampaign. Finally, the interface is 100x more user friendly compared to ActiveCampaign which makes email marketing easier and something I actually enjoy doing now.

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What I Used Before Drip

Active Campaign

Active Campaign

ActiveCampaign was my email marketing tool before I moved to Drip. They're incredibly popular in the online business world and for a good reason: they have everything you could need.

However, I moved to Drip because it offered the same features at a reduced cost, and has a cleaner interface making the process of writing emails and building automations far more enjoyable.

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Great For Beginners



ConvertKit helps you grow your email list by letting you create forms, landing pages, and through sending out automated email sequences.

Convertkit is a little more simple in terms of features, but it can still get the job done. At the end of the day, having good content, a great offer, and clear marketing message are the most important ingredients to success selling.

This is the first email marketing tool I used!

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Marketing Automation

Highly Recommended

Deadline Funnel (Authentic Countdowns)

Deadline Funnel

Deadline Funnels lets you create real authentic evergreen offers for your products, which converts more leads into customers with an important marketing fundamental: scarcity.

Giving your customers a reason to buy now is important, and this tool helps you do just that — it allows you to create an offer deadline, without fake countdown timers that reset if you refresh the page. Every customers is tracked uniquely and will be put in a position to make a purchasing choice.

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Nice To Have

Demio (Webinars/Masterclasses)


Demio is a great option for hosting webinars or group coaching calls. Their interface is really clean and they're great people always improving the product.

I've used Demio a few times to host Masterclasses with, and found no problems with it. Since then a lot of updates have happened and the tool looks even better than before.

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Nice To Have

EasyWebinar (Webinars/Masterclasses)


Easywebinar is another promising tool to host webinars. I really dig how you can setup automated webinars with different start times (allowing people to prepare for your event), include a time trigger for your button to appear so users to take action (purchase), and finally include a chat box for them to ask questions even on automate/replays.

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Business Essential

Google Drive (File Storage & Document Creation)

Google Drive

I use Google Drive for many areas of my business. They have a complete set of tools for creating documents, slides, and even the occasional spreadsheet.

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Highly Recommended

Zapier (Automate Your Funnel & Work)


Zapier is a fantastic tool that allows you to connect various apps together. For example, you can connect your online course platform with your email marketing tool so that when someone buys a product, Zapier takes their information and sends it to your email list.

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Analytics & Reporting

Must Have/Business Essential

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications.

Every business owner needs to be using this if they're selling online. If you decide to go with a paid analytics platform instead, it's still always good to have Google analytics as another free data resource.

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Nice To Have

SegMetrics (Get Clear on Lead Value)


Segmentics is a great tool to understand where your leads are coming from, and exactly how much they're worth so you don't overspend on advertising.

You'll know where your leads come from, how they act, and how much your marketing is really worth. This is also a great alternative to the more expensive Wicked Reports you may see other business owners use.

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Social Media Tools

Must Have

Later (Post Scheduling & Analytics)

Later Instagram

Save Time by Scheduling Your Instagram Posts Ahead of Time. Manage Multiple Accounts, Schedule Video, Reposting, Analytics & Uploading Tools.

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Must Have

Flick (Instagram Hashtag Research & Analytics)

Flick Instagram Hashtags

Flick is by far the best tool for improving your hashtag strategy. Not only is it superbly accurate but it also saves us a lot of time! We've been able to help our followers find hashtags they can rank on, for free!

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Nice To Have

Epidemic Sound (Music Library)

Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound is a royalty free (subscription based) library of music and sound effects you can use for your videos without the worry of copyright strikes. I mostly use this service for background music on my YouTube videos.

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Canva (Design Graphics)


Canva is a go-to for quickly creating graphics for my business. It's a simple, free, and easy to use design tool for things like Facebook group banners, YouTube thumbnails, Instagram posts, and more.

While I also use Photoshop and the rest of the Adobe suite, this is a nice tool for anyone who doesn't know how to use the 'Pro' design tools.

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Creative Market (Pro Design Templates)

Creative Market

Creative Market is my go-to for graphic templates and slide decks. It saves you a ton of time so you can focus on the more important parts of your business: making sales and helping customers.

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Admin & Legal Tools

Business Essential

Quickbooks (Finance Tracking)


Automatically track your expenses and income, so you know exactly where your money is at all given times. Quickbooks is great because it automatically syncs with your bank and payment processes such as PayPal and Stripe.

Quickbooks is a lifesaver when it comes to filing taxes, because you can quickly grab your totals for different expenses and income. Plus knowing where you can start spending less (or more) in both your business and personal finances — everyone should have an accounting software, even if they dont run a business.

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Business Essential

Notion (Workspace)


Notion is an all-in-one tool that allows you to take notes, create databases, calendars, tables, and more.

I specifically use it for taking notes and content management with the table features available. The best part... it's free!

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Nice To Have

Iubenda (Automatic Website Policies)


Make your sites & apps legally compliant across multiple languages and legislations (including the GDPR) with lawyer-crafted, self-updating solutions.

I use Iubenda to automatically create and update my legal related pages, such as Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and others.

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