Instagram Bio Optimization: Ultimate Guide

#1. Starting Off Easy With Your Instagram Profile Picture

For this first step you will be optimizing your Instagram profile picture.

This is the easiest step.

Yet so many people do it wrong.

Let's take a look at what you should be doing:

For Businesses Profiles

You need to be Instagram-savvy.


You adapt your brands logo to fit comfortably inside the Instagram profile picture circle.

It shouldn't look like this:

Don't make your Instagram profile picture logo small

It should look like this:

Make your Instagram profile picture logo large and easy to read

Notice how the logo is larger, easier to read and ultimately more 'user experience friendly'.

This makes your profiles branding much easier to recognize while your followers are scrolling through their feed...

...which as a by product results in you building a stronger relationship with your audience.

For example:

Let's say your business name is "My Funky Business".

That is going to be too much information to fit in the small profile picture circle:

Make sure your business name is not too long for the profile picture space

Instead, modify your logo for Instagram.

You could use the first three letters "MFB":

Use the first letters of your brand name in your logo

Or use an icon if you have one:

Optionally use a brand icon for the profile picture if you have one

As a real example:

Pura Vida Bracelets adapted their normal logo into a new Instagram Logo:


Pura Vida Bracelets normal logo would be too small for Instagram


Pura Vida Bracelets adapted their logo for Instagram

For Personal Profiles

If you're growing a personal profile:

The same idea applies.

Make sure the profile picture you're using fit's comfortably inside the small Instagram profile picture circle real-estate.

Make your Instagram profile picture logo easy to read

If you have a logo, modify and adapt it for this space.

Otherwise use a nice head-shot of yourself.

Use a headshot of yourself for your Instagram profile

Humans recognize faces and this in return will help you build a stronger relationship with your followers.

For example:

Example how Aaron Ward uses a headshot for his profile picture

You can also get creative with your profile picture:

Get creative with your profile picture on Instagram

Or alternatively:

You can use a picture of you doing something — this way people instantly understand what your profile is all about.

For example, showing a picture of you in your sports gear:

Use a profile picture that shows people the thing you're known for

If you're stuck on ideas:

Find someone in your niche on Instagram and click the down arrow to show suggested users. You'll see lot's of profile pictures people are using in your niche:

Use Instagram suggested users for profile picture inspiration

#2. Optimizing Your Instagram Username

Next up:

Your profile username.

You want to avoid using punctuation and numbers in your name.


Because it's harder for people to remember.

And word-of-mouth is another way for you to grow your profile — you want people to easily tell their friends your username and they remember it.

Make it easy for followers to remember your username

Yes I know:

It's hard to get a username that isn't taken.

So here's a quick and simple solution.

Add a Prefix or Suffix to it.

For example, the username @skiracing was taken.

So they made it @skiracingmedia (their website is

Adapt your username to stay simple by adding a prefix or suffix
Ski Racing uses an icon for their profile picture too :)

You can do the same using words such as:

#3. Getting The Right Profile Name + Search Engine Optimizing It

Don't get this confused with your @username.

Instead it's the Name of your account:

The name setting for your Instagram bio

This is a great chance for you to stuff in a keyword to appear in the search results and add an emoji to create visual interest.

Step 1: Your Name

As simple as it is:

Just add your business name or your personal name to start off with.

Step 2: Adding a Keyword (Optional)

Secondly, you can add in a keyword to help your profile appear in the search results.

For example:

You could add the keyword Instagram Marketing after your name to appear in the search results for that term:

Add a keyword to your bio name to appear in the search results

Step 3: Adding an Emoji (Optional)

Finally, to stand out in the search results...

...add an optional emoji to your name at the end.

For example:

Robert King adds a camera emoji to the end of his name:

Robert King adds an emoji camera to his name to stand out more

You could add a leaf if you are a health company, basketball if you play basketball, or palm tree if you travel to warm places, a dress if you model clothing and so on...

You get the idea.

#4. Nailing Your Instagram Profiles First Bio Line

The first line of your bio is your USP.

USP = Unique selling point.

Ask yourself:

What makes you great?

Why should people follow you?

What is it that YOU do?

These are the questions you need to answer in this short amount of space.

It's a way of introducing people who visit your profile for the first time.

Think of it as your super-short-and-to-the-point elevator pitch.

Business Profiles

Your USP would be related to your product or service you offer.

What is the problem your solving?

For example, let's say you are a social media manager.

Your first bio line would be something like:

I help entrepreneurs explode their social media growth.

It's short, simple and straight to the point.

The idea here is to introduce new profile visitors to who you are and what you do.

You can also get creative with it.

Just like SugarBearHair did:

SugarBearHair gets creative with their first bio line

If you're stuck on ideas, look at what other accounts are doing in your niche.

Personal Profiles

What is it that you do?

Do you do modeling, are you a photographer, a surfer, or maybe you enjoy playing competitive scrabble.

Tell people in your first bio line what you do or are about.

For example:

Rusi K keeps it simple and tells people what to expect on her profile

Once again, look at what other successful people are doing for inspiration if you're stuck on ideas.

#5. Optimizing Your Instagram Bio 2nd Line

Your bio's second line should include any social proof you have.

This reinforces that other people support what you do and trust you — adding credibility behind your brand.


What have you done?

What accomplishments do you have?

Let people know why you're so awesome.

For example, you can mention:

  • Features — Featured on GQ / As seen on Business Insider / Official supplier of XYZ
  • Reviews — Over 100+ 5 Star Reviews on Amazon / 500+ Happy Clients /
  • Awards — MTV Nominated 2019 Best Kiss / 2019 Fastest Growing Tech Company / Voted High-schools Most Lazy Person

For example:

I list that I teach over 40,000+ students.

Let people know why you're so awesome, include social proof in your 2nd bio line

If you don't have any social proof or accomplishments:

  1. Add in another line that helps people better understand who you are better
  2. Or include your location or brands you've worked with

At the end of the day:

Your social proof doesn't need to be anything crazy.

Just think about things you've done successfully, even if they're small.

For example:

If you have only helped 2 clients but got them great results, mention that you've "Helped our clients boost ROI by 12.56%".

Or get funny with it and say "Our office dog thinks we're great..."

Extra (Optional) 2nd Line Inclusions

You can also include things such as your location (commonly done with the 📍 pin emoji).

Or if you are a founder of a company, feel free to mention that.

Another alternative is that you can list the features of your products, just like SugarBearHair does:

SugarBearHair lists the features of their product in their second bio line

#6. Perfecting Your Instagram Bio with a Call To Action

Finally, you're third Instagram bio line.

This should be your call to action.

What do you want people to do?

  • Do you want them to follow you?
  • Do you want people to email you for promotional opportunities?
  • Do you want people to watch your latest YouTube video?
  • Do you want people to purchase a specific product or explore a collection of products?
  • Do you want them to sign up for a free course or webinar you're hosting?

Tell them to do EXACTLY what you want them to do.

Believe it or not:

People can't read minds.

You need to guide your followers and profile visitors into your funnel of what you want them to do.

For example:

MVMT (a very successful brand on Instagram) keeps it DEAD SIMPLE by saying "Shop now" with an arrow emoji pointing down.

MVMT uses a simple call to action of Shop Now to drive traffic to their website

This then let's people explore MVMT's products and (hopefully) make a purchase if the website is optimized to convert users.

A bad call to action example is Airbnb:

Airbnb forgets to add a call to action to their bio

They give no reason to click on their link.

Worse yet, the don't even tell people to click their link.

Instead if they said "Book your next adventure" or "Explore available properties" or even simpler "Book now", they would most likely get a lot more clicks to their website.

So make sure you tell people what it is that you want them to do.

Don't have a website?

Tell them to leave a comment on your latest photo or to say "Hi".

#7. Include a URL In Your Instagram Bio

To bring it all together:

You need to add a URL to your Instagram bio...

...that is if you want to send users somewhere.

If you are using your own website or landing page make sure it is mobile friendly.

Make your website mobile friendly for Instagram users

As 85%+ of Instagram users are on their mobile device.

This means your page should be adapted to look good on a mobile device.

I'd suggest making buttons bigger and text a little bit bigger to make your website content easier to read.

This will ensure your users experience is good.

So that when you have new offers, products or promotions in the future...

...they will likely click the URL again.

What URL should you send them to?

Option 1: Product/Service Page

The most common website page to send people to is your product page or a collection of products.

Don't send them to your home page, as people don't know what you want them to do there.

Instead, send them directly to a product or a collection of similar products such as your new releases.

Alternatively, if you are running an event it would be the page where people can sign up.

Option 2: Sign Up Page

The problem is this:

On Instagram you have followers.

But if Instagram ever closed or your account got disabled for some reason...

...You lose access to communicate with those people.

So send them to a page where you can collect their Name + Email address.

With this information you can always contact them.

A good way to collect this information is to offer a freebie (lead magnet) related to your business, such as a:

  • webinar
  • online course
  • eBook
  • song
  • consultation
  • and so on...

This way you are getting peoples (potential customers) information in a targeted way because your offer is related to what you do.

So when you email these people a product offer, they're more likely to be interested.

I talk more about this inside of Blog Starter.

Bonus: Instagram Bio Tips and Tricks

To finish off:

I've included some tips to help you perfect your bio.

Look at What Other Successful Accounts are Doing

Look at what successful accounts are doing in your niche.

Everyone is different at the end of the day.

This will give you ideas on how you can optimize your bio.

Use this guide as a template to work from.

As it is fool-proof and will guarantee results.

But if you're lost or have no clue on what to write, take inspiration from others who have found success online.

Use Emojis 🙊

Emojis are a great visual tool to attract attention.

For example:

Using a down arrow ⬇️ or pointer finger 👇 for your call to action can drive more clicks to your website.

Write Your Bio In Your Notes First

If you want separate lines in your bio:

Open up your phones Notes app or something similar.

You will be able to write out your bio using the enter/return key to write on separate lines.

You can then copy and paste this into the Instagram app to have your bio on separate lines :)

Did something stand out? Let me know your thoughts below!

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