Refund Policy

About Our Refund Policy

After purchasing any of our Online Courses, Training, Programs, Products, Services or Program Materials on this website (, your satisfaction is important to us.

This is why for each product we offer a guaranteed refund period of 30 to 90 days depending on the product you purchased.

Ultimately we want to make sure you have enough time to learn the content, and then put the materials you learn into action so you get results.

What To Do If You Need More Time To Complete The Course/Training

If at any time you feel that you need more time to learn the course (we understand that life gets in the way sometimes) please email us at and we will happily extend your refund period!

Refund Requirements

To promote your growth, success and results from the product you purchased, you must demonstrate that you implemented the systems, strategies and learnings from the course. We do this to protect our products being abused, as people can otherwise purchase the course, watch the materials, and then request a refund.

If you have completed the course materials but did not achieve results, we will gladly issue you a refund.

Otherwise, the refund guarantee becomes null and void. You can’t get results from something you don’t do or put into action.

Tool Functionality Problems

Inside of our programs and online courses we may recommend tools. This could be services, products, applications and software. Please note we are not responsible for the tools functionality or errors that may occur. You accept that when you purchase any of our Online Courses, Training, Programs, Products, Services or Program Materials that we are not responsible if a tool does not work and we are not the tools support team.

However, we want you to be successful and would never recommend a bad tool, service or product. We only recommend tools the instructors use.

If you do need help, or have any problems we always suggest that you reach out to the companies native support team first as they will be able to assist you best.

Otherwise you can get support inside your training/courses private members group, or email us at as we seriously care about your success and want to help you every step of the way.

We simply have this policy in place as we are out of control when it comes to the functionality of third party tools, software, services and products.

How To Request a Refund

We want your refund process to be dead simple and easy.

If you've read and understand this refund policy and would like to request a refund, please email us at

Include the subject line as "Refund - [Course Name]" and let us know that you would like a refund.

Important: Please Do Not Request Chargebacks With Your Bank

Please do not issue chargebacks with your bank.

We are more then happy to give you a refund, please email us at

By doing a chargeback it damages our reputation with our transaction processors.

If you have seen a transaction on your bank statement from "Teachable", "Teachable Inc", "Kajabi", "Kajabi Inc" or anything similar, this is because our courses are sold through these services (i.e. they process your purchase/payment and host the digital courses we provide).

By using and/or purchasing any of our Programs, Products, Services or Program Materials, you understand and agree to this refund policy.

We reserve the right to change the Refund Policy under which is offered at any time without notice. You are encouraged to periodically review the Refund Policy to stay informed of our updates.